Monday, August 3, 2015

Block Leave- River Weekend Edition 1.

Bright and early Saturday morning around 3am we started our road trip journey home to the great state of Texas. Our plan was to drive straight through and stop about half way for breakfast / brunch. We where headed straight to the River House to spend the weekend with my Brother and his Girl friend Becca. He didn't know we where coming but Becca did. I couldn't wait to surprise him, spend the next few days together. We where making really good time so Becca asked if we wanted to meet them at the boat ramp and go out on the boat for a late afternoon ride. Ummm, Yes Please!!!! We got to the boat ramp right at 4pm, right when we told her we would be there. They however where at the Island which was a good boat ride away from where we where. It took a good bit of convincing from Becca to get Justin to drive all the way back to the boat ramp. Typically once he gets there he's not coming all the way back till he's ready to leave. Thankfully he gave in and came back, not really knowing why she was so determined to go. Waiting on the shore line near the ramp, as I saw the boat pull up I started getting tears in my eyes. My brother and I are so close and it had been almost two years since we'd seen each other. As he was pulling up he just kept saying "I knew it, I knew it". He knew someone was coming to visit him but didn't know who, he claims to have known it was us coming but I really don't think he knew. Getting on the boat he gave me the biggest, longest hug ever. I didn't think he was ever going to let go. I was so excited to be back on the water with him. It was also the first time that the Hubbs had been out on our boat. Finally after almost 9 years of being together he was getting to experience something that I love so much.

 We took a cruise up to the island and said hello to a few people before heading back. I took over driving and didn't wanna go in, but we where all so hungry, tired and had, had a long day.
We spent the evening relaxing on the patio over dinner and drinks catching up with a couple friends. It wasn't to long after that we called it a night and headed to bed.
Up early the next morning to work out and get a run in around the hill before breakfast and heading out on the water. Bubby's girlfriend B works at City Grill in downtown Ft. Worth and let me tell you this girl can cook up a mighty fine meal. She made a fabulous breakfast for us all before we left. I love cooking and baking its one of the things I really enjoy doing but its also nice to have someone else take over everyone in a while.
Our dad came up to the River House and went out on the boat with us, which was a nice surprise. I loved getting to spend the day with him on the boat. Between Justin, Dad and Myself we took turns skiing up to the Island where we hung out for the day. Since it was Sunday there wasn't to many boats out which made it nice. Dad and Justin Barefooted and I Slalom skied several times. The hubbs has only seen pictures of me skiing but never in person. I was so excited for him to finally see me Slalom. I also decided to Barefoot on the boom, I've never done short line or behind the boat when it comes to bare footing. I have absolutely no desire to but the fact that I can do it hanging on the boom is pretty awesome. I planted my feet the first run and road for a good long ways. I was so stoked, it had been almost two years since I'd skied.

We did a little recreation attempt at the island. 
That evening we relaxed, hung out at the house, had a fabulous dinner and cuddled on the couch watching a movie. It was a long day and we where all completely exhausted. Monday morning up early again to workout, then I decided to take Rebecca's bike around the hill instead of going on a run to see how I liked it. (we've been talking about getting bikes for a couple months now) Half way around I ran (road) into the hubbs who was on the moped with one of the three dogs they have following along side him. He said he was coming to find me to see how I was doing. Really I think he just wanted a excuse to ride it again.
Rebecca made us another yummy breakfast before we packed up the car to head into town to have lunch with our mom, followed by a evening at the Rangers game. It was a great two days at the River, I was so glad that we changed our plans up a little and went there first instead of into town. It was a much needed break from the craziness of life and a great way to kick off our vacation. 

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