Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Our Week in the Valley.

*Thursday Finally settled in the Valley.
 With our luggage accounted for, we where off to do a little venturing around. My Brother - In - Law brought our two Nephews over to visit us and hang out for a bit. The In-Loves own a Appliance repair business and so we all headed up to the store to visit for a bit. Their employee's bought lunch for C for her birthday, which was so thoughtful. While there our youngest Nephew came up to me and asked "Do you like dead animals?" Umm excuse me, while I bust out laughing. We had been talking BassPro and Cabela's. Apparently the boys like to go there for a little afternoon outing. Hey whatever works for them right, cheap entertainment. So we took a trip up to Cabela's with the BIL and the boys. They had so much fun showing us around, as if we'd never been there before. We did a little random shopping after leaving before heading home. That evening we went with the In- Loves to dinner to Celebrate Cathy's birthday. We went to a local brewery pub and enjoyed a night out just the four of us. 
One of the nice things about coming to the Valley is that the hubbs family is pretty small, so there's not a ton of running around to see family, unlike when we go to Texas. We where able to just do our own thing knowing we would see his family on Sunday. We have a few friends in the Valley that we where getting together with on Sunday afternoon as well, so the rest of the time we where there was completely open. 
*Friday we did a little venturing I around town. 
I found a local Tamale shop online so we decided to go check it out and ended up getting a dozen tamale's to take home. 
There was a couple different gun stores in the area that the hubbs had found so of course we had to make a stop in each one. Thankfully we left with out the purchase of a new gun. We did stop off and pick up new tires and tubes for the bikes the 'Rents had so we could use them while we where home.
One of my must haves while we where home was Whataburger. Its simply delicious but clearly so unhealthy. But "When on Vacay"....I called the MIL to see if we could bring her lunch, and eat there at the store with her. I absolutely love spending time with my In-Loves. 
After lunch we headed out to check out another gun store, go figure. If there's one around he's bound and determined to find it. This one happened to be located just a couple blocks away from the family store. Conveniently located a couple doors down from not one but two bakery's. Kreative Kupcakes which was featured on Cupcake Wars and a Local Mexican Bakery. Neither of which we'd ever been to before. So of course that meant we had to store in at both on the same day. Why both on the same day you ask I mean we where going to be here for a whole week. Like I said "When on Vacay, right."
We did a little antique and car shopping to finish up our afternoon before heading home to relax and have dinner.

*Saturday The Guys did Guy things and The Girls did Girl Things.
The hubbs and his dad went to a shooting match in Prescott, AZ for the day while his mom and I went and had breakfast with Aunt Lisa at her school. She was wanting us to see her new classroom (she's a 5th grade language teacher) so it worked out perfect. Followed by a trip to the local Farmers Market and then way way across town to pick up a little something special we had ordered for her birthday celebration on Sunday. (who has their mother-in-law drive you to pick up her own b-day cake, yup this girl. to and I didn't let her see it till the next day either.)
Even though we didn't do much that day between the driving and being out in the heat we where exhausted. We picked up lunch at Schlotzsky's and took it back to the house to eat while we waited on our men to get home. It wasn't long after finishing our sandwiches that we where both sound asleep in the recliners. It's a ruff life living in the Valley I tell you.
That evening when the hubbs got home we took a little bike ride to the mountain behind his parents house and hiked up. It was such a beautiful view. I swear I could live here forever and never get tired of how pretty it is.
We finished off the evening with dinner and drinks before calling it a night.
*Sunday up and at it early that morning.
We where celebrating the MIL's birthday at Aunt Debbie's home that morning at 9am. Breakfast anyone?!?!? C is 1 of 5 and they all are very close, which I think is great. Everyone met up at Aunt D. house for a tasty breakfast casserole / burrito dish that Aunt Lisa made, followed by the fabulously delicious German Chocolate Cake that we picked up yesterday. Her Favorite.
After a little bit of catching up, lots of laughs, stories and hugs everyone parted way's to head on about their day.
We made our way across to the East Valley doing some random window shopping along the way before finding our way to the C's household. We had plans to hang out by the pool, grill and catch up with some of our great friends for the afternoon into the evening. Of course no gathering is complete with out dessert, we stumbled across another CupCake Bakery: which as well had been on CupCake Wars.
This was the first time the hubbs was able to meet their almost 2 year old twin girls that they adopted almost 2 years ago now. They are absolutely adorable and getting so big. We had the best time just hanging out and catching up. I saw P&N just this past December at Christmas but, It had been almost 4 years since the hubbs had seen them so it was a long much needed visit. Being a Sunday night (them having wrk the next day) I honestly didn't think we'd have a late night. Boy was I wrong, we didn't leave till almost midnight. I was exhausted and since the hubbs had quite a few Cold One's I was stuck driving the hour back across the valley to the 'Rent's house.
*Monday was a bit of a wash / randomness day.
The 'Rents had workers coming to the house that morning to do some work around the yard and so they asked us to stick around while they where there. Ok, no big deal we didn't have any big plans. Well other than the fact that it seriously took them forever to do the work. When I went out to ask the guy how much longer they where going to be, I got a blank stare because he spoke no English and didn't know a word of what I was saying. Finally after canceling our breakfast date we headed out across the Valley to the cemetery where Grandpa G is buried. Sunday was his birthday and since the hubbs wasn't able to come home for the funeral we wanted to make sure we made our way out for a visit.
We grabbed lunch at a place called Pita Monkey, OMG it was fabulously tasty. I so wish we had one in TN. A little random window shopping and a stop for YES MORE Cupcakes at Kreatives Kupcakes before heading home for the evening. We had a little Mexican themed dinner planned and cooked up the rest of the Tamales we had bought. Served nicely with a cold beverage.
 *Tuesday was go to work with your parent day.
We had been into the store off and on through out the week but just for short visit's here and there. Tuesday the hubbs was up well before the sun and out the door with his dad for the day. They had a packed schedule of service calls all across the Valley. While I slept in a bit and still managed to get my work out in I headed to the store shortly later but not before stopping at Whataburger for breakfast. I can't say that I did much work but I enjoyed getting to spend the day with my Mother - In - Love. The guys came back to check in and pick up parts a couple times and I managed to snag this picture of the two of us. He was less than thrilled that I was making him take a picture. (but hey, in my defense I didn't take many at all during our trip)
The four of us went to Arizona Fry Bread for lunch before splitting way's so the guys could finish out their work day. When your the Owner / Boss you can make you own schedule to a point, which means that the MIL and I had a early day and where off by 2pm. We picked up Papa Murphy's for dinner and headed home. (the hubbs favorite, really anything pizza related and surprisingly he hadn't had any since being home.)
A nice relaxing evening at home and a early trip to bed to get ready for our flight home the next day.
*Wednesday came all to quickly.
Before we knew it our time in the Valley had come to a end and we found ourselves at the airport saying our "See You Soon's" to the In Loves. I absolutely hate hate having to leave them. I wish we lived closer, even a few hours drive I wouldn't mind. Maybe one day we say.
Checking-In at PHX heading to DFW went much smoother than coming. They didn't weigh our bag, we didn't have to pay anything and the screening went smooth. We even had time to sit down for a nice little breakfast. A short hour delay after we got to our gate due to AC problems on the plane and we where quickly on our way. Only to wait at the baggage claim for half a hour for our bag. Seriously, what is it with DFW airport here lately. We really should have drove. Next time I can guarantee we will, I'm so over flying here lately. Thankfully the next few trips we have planned are all drivable.

We had a absolute wonderful time being back home in the Valley, it was much needed get away for the both of us. I can't wait to go back, I just hope its not as long of a time between this next go around. I'm really thinking we need to make it a yearly summer trip!! 

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