Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Just another Day

Early Tuesday morning we got up and took our bikes to Veteran's park which is just up the road from where my NeNe lives. The park is great for just about any outdoor activity running, biking, football, frisbee golf, feeding the ducks or just taking a stroll around along the beautiful trail's. I love this park because not only does it have so much history but it is family friendly and huge. The full trail around the park is about a mile and a half. The first time around the 5am sprinklers where on and we got sprayed. That wasn't very welcoming so early in the morning. We continued on and went around about 3-4 times at a good pace before heading home. NeNe had a eye doctor's appointment that morning so we decided we would take her and spend some more time with her as well. It was a good thing because they ended up dilating both eye's when they where only suppose to do one. I felt awful for her, but we where so grateful that we had drove. I was also able to visit and catch up with NeNe's good friend Memory. I honestly don't remember her to much but I she is just the sweetest lady ever. 
Lola finally warmed up to the hubbs and wouldn't leave his side.

Later that morning NeNe fixed a fully breakfast casserole for brunch while the hubbs and I went and gathered a few things for dinner. Dad and my brother where coming over and we where cooking a tasty meal for everyone. After brunch we went and did a little random window shopping at a few stores before heading over to visit with my friend Angela. I always love coming home and really getting to catch up with good friends. Sure there's Facebook, Instagram, Texting and Calling but there's just something about being about to really spent time with someone you care about and love so much. Each and every time Ang and I get together its as if no time has ever passed. We pick right up where we left off. Not a second has been missed and that's what I love so much about her. It's so easy. We can go weeks or months at a time with out talking and you'd never know. Although one afternoon was not nearly enough time. I wish we had so much more time in Texas but there's just always so much to do and so many people to see. It makes it hard to get around and please everyone. 

We had a great dinner and visit with my dad and brother at the house. We made Croissant Sammies with a Cucumber / Tomato Salad and Baked Sweet Potato Bites. Everyone really seemed to enjoy dinner. I absolutely love that I've been about to spend so much time with my dad this trip. Normal I don't get to see him all that much so this time around has really been a treat.
Speaking of treats, after dinner we went up to the mall to take a stroll around and see if we could find any good cycling books at Barnes and Nobles. No such luck there but I did score a couple of new Fiestaware pieces. A few weeks back I dropped one of my plates and it shattered. I had been looking for a replacement with out buying the whole set and hadn't had much luck. That was till we went to Macy's.
We'd talked about going to The Cheese Cake Factory for dessert afterwards but decided to make a little bit of a better choice. Frozen Yogurt. I think we chose just right.

I'd never been to Pinkberry before and let me tell you it was sooooo good. Different from the normal Frozen Yogurt places we had been to. They only had a couple different yogurt flavors to pick from, a small but tasty selection of toppings. The girls working made up your bowl for you. You told them which size cup, which yogurt flavor and which toppings up to 3 that you wanted. It was one set price and didn't go by weight like most other places I'd been to. Now if you wanted additional toppings you could have those added on as well. I went with Chocolate Yogurt, Strawberries, Granola and Cookie Dough bites. It was so good. Just thinking about it now makes me wish we had one back in Clarksville. I remember living in Hawaii and not being a huge fan of FroYo. My love for it started when we moved to Cola. Seriously the best afternoon or late night dessert. Really its good anytime of the day if you ask me.

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