Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Finally Caved

I finally gave in and let the hubbs get a camper for his truck. He's been talking about getting one FOREVER on every single truck we have owned since being married. Apparently he had one on a truck before we where together and that was the cool hip thing to do. It worked for him, he loved it and many of our conversations regarding the truck revolved around him getting a camper. I absolutely hate hate them, I think it makes it look like a old grandpa truck. But, It's something he's always wanted He came across a good deal on a used one online. Call me giddy, caught up in the emotions and bliss of him being home again but I caved. We decided that used was better then new, since the truck is older and we bought it used there was no reason to buy a brand new camper. Obviously the color is a little off and it wont be staying that color long. He says "well you can't really tell a difference in the dark." Well, no you can't but in the day light you can and that's not staying green. I may not totally love it, but if we are going to have one you can bet you butt its at least going to match the paint color of the truck. So the day after we got it he dropped it off at a paint shop down town to get painted. Still buying it used and having to get it painted was less than half of what it would have been if we would have bought a new one. 
Thankfully it was finished the day before we where suppose to leave for two weeks. It turned out really nice and the color matches perfect. I'm still not 100% crazy about it but I'm sure it will grow on me over time. It will def. make moving easier when the time comes (not any time soon hopefully). He's happy and that's all that matters right. 

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Katie said...

I never loved the look of them either but they definitely are useful. I am glad hes happy with his new purchase.