Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Girls Weekend Getaway

There's a few of us girls that make a point to get together at least twice a year, if not more for a little girls weekend getaway some where fun. This past weekend Sarah was home visiting family so we had plans to meet up for a little camping Adventure in WV. We've been to The New River Gorge a few different times and have done several of their activities at Adventures on the Gorge so it only seemed fitting to go back. We decided to ruff it up a bit by camping this time around instead of renting a cabin. I've only been tent camping one other time in my "adult time" so I was semi excited about this little outing. Picture this 4 girls- setting up our camp ground, tent and camp fire included. We did just fine if I do say so myself, had absolutely no problems and we'd all do it again. We did sleep in a bit of style with our air mattresses though. That ground would have been awful hard.

Day 1) We arrived and checked in for our activity. Stand Up Paddle Boarding. The water was a bit chilly, which I honestly wasn't expecting at all. We had a tour guide that we had to stick with which was kinda a bum but it was just the four of us girls and her so it wasn't to bad. We spent 2.5-3 hours I think out on the water. Someone saw a picture of a person doing a head stand on a paddle board so we made it our mission to accomplish one. We didn't do half bad at all and all managed to get up at least once. After paddle boarding we headed back to the resort site to check in and set-up camp. Followed by dinner at Cheddy's. A fabulously delicious little restaurant there at the resort. Where we enjoyed a yummy dinner and a couple of drinks. We made our way back to our camp-site, where we built a fire all on our own, Roasted Marshmallows, Made Smore's and Played Cards. It was a perfect day filled with fun, friends and way to much food.

 Day 2) I for whatever reason can't sleep in, it doesn't matter what time I go to bed it just doesn't happen. Wide awake at 6am I decided to make the most of my morning and work off some of those Smore's I'd eaten the night before. A quick 4 mile run around the resort and back and the sleeping beauties where still sleeping. Eventually they woke up and we got our morning started. The plan was to cook breakfast on a camp fire grilled I'd brought. While Sarah and Brandy where in the bathroom Nancy and I decided to start the grill up and get things going. We didn't intend to start a forest fire but that's what almost happened. Come to find out the grill we where given before we left SC was broke. The line feeding the propane to the burners was snapped in half causing a huge burst of flames coming out the side. We tried putting the fire out, as it sat on top of the picnic table but had no luck. Panic started to set in as we looked around for help. There was a couple packing up there site right next to us, so I called out over to them asking for help. The guy came over and struggling a bit to get the fire out himself but finally managed. He said we should be fine, let the grill cool down a bit and he'd help us get it started again. (at this time we didn't know the line was snapped) After a little investigating when he came back over was when he noticed it was broken. Needless to say it didn't make the trip home with me. What about breakfast you ask?!?! We started up our campfire, scrambled our eggs and cooked our ham over it for a tasty breakfast sandwich. Have no fear we've got this!!! The first half of the day was spent lounging by the pool working on our tan. B. Sarah's husband brought their little guy up for a bit to swim and see momma. (this was her first night / weekend away from him) We went into town with them for lunch at a yummy little sandwich shop before they headed back home.
From there we went to a different resort where we spent the rest of the day. A large lake that had tons of inflatable's that you where able to climb on and jump from. There was a slide that was a couple stories high that shot you off right into the water, a teeter toter type thing, a rock wall slide, a round 4 person rocket and a blob just to name a few. I unfortunately couldn't brave myself up enough to jump on the blob. Picture this- your standing on a plank platform where you jump off landing on this large inflatable thing. Once on you craw to the end and sit while waiting to the next person to jump which shoots you flying into the air. I'm not afraid of heights but I freaked myself out because I stood there two long thinking if through in my head. I tried again a 2nd time and couldn't do it. I felt like such a chicken. We spent a couple hours there before heading back to shower, change and make our way to dinner. Cheddy's again for Wing Night. I went with a Grilled Chicken Sandwich, I'm not much of a Wing girl. Drinks again of course, followed by Smore's and Card's back at our campsite before calling it a night.

Day 3) Up early again before the others I went out for another run, getting in 5 miles this time. We had to check out of our site by 10am so that meant getting those sleeping beauties up when I got back. We packed up our tent and cars before settling down for a little Pancake Breakfast once again cooked over the campfire. It was pretty tasty for not having much to work with, I have to say we did pretty good and made a great team. Who says girls can't survive in the wilderness. Although I don't know that I'd want to extend it to a lengthy amount of days to test out that theory. Eventually we had to say our "see you soon's" and each of us headed out on the road to make the drive back home. It was very bittersweet moment.
We always have so much fun when we all get together, life seems so easy going and stress free. It's never long enough although we almost always have our next trip planned or at least in the works before we leave but the time apart simply sucks. I'm so thankful for these girls and the memories we've made over the years and can't wait to create more with them. :) 

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