Friday, July 17, 2015

Match Maker, Match Maker, Make Me a Match

Meet My Husband: Matching Making is apparently a new thing he picked up.
Apparently one of his Soldiers noticed Brittany taking our pictures and well he was a bit intrigued. Here's how the story unfolded, while the guys where waiting to go through a short safety brief before being released for the day. He called me to let me know it was going to be a bit longer then we'd though and to ask about Brittany. (this was after the ceremony)

Hubbs- Hey _______ wants to know if Brittany is single. 
Me- Well yes she just so happens to be why? Would be like a number?
Hubbs- He was interested and wanted to know. 
Me- Where are you standing (as B and I are looking out the window to see this guy) I'm trying to see what this guy looks like.
Hubbs- Over here, see me waving? He's right here wearing the glasses. (we quickly jumped away from the door, after realizing they where starting right at us)

They went back about their business waiting to be release while B and I chatted about how funny it was. Shortly later the Hubbs comes back and we head out to take a few pictures before leaving. As we are walking outside the Hanger....

Hubbs- So did Brittany drive her own car on post or did she ride with you?
Me- She drove on, this way she could leave when we where done and not have to wait on us.
Hubbs- Ok, good. She's going to take _______ back to the barracks, he needs a ride.
Me- Wait, What, No. You can't do that. She doesn't even know him. That's not ok, you can't just pawn him off on her.
Hubbs- It'll be ok, he's harmless. He just needs a ride. She can do it, it'll be fine.
Me- No, No, you can't be serious. I'm not going to make her take him back to the barracks, we can drop him off we drive right past it.
Hubbs- It'll be fine.

Mean while Brittany is trying to take our pictures and I'm dying inside laughing because I don't know if he's serious or not. I still haven't mentioned to her what just happened.

Hubbs- So Brittany do you have any plans today?
B- Well I've got to go into work at some point.
Hubbs- Ok well good. ________ needs a ride to the barracks and your going to take him.
Me- You really don't have to do this its ok. I feel so bad. I'm so sorry. I promise we can take him.
B- (with a dumb founded look on her face) Ummmm, what, really, ok, is he serious ? My car's going to smell like McDonald Cheese burger with Onions (she stopped for a burger at 3:00am, and didn't eat it bc it had onion's)
Me- Really you don't have to.
Brittany- Umm, ya so I'm just a little socially awkward around people I don't know.

This conversation went back and forth for a bit me telling her she didn't have to and how bad I felt for the hubbs throwing her in this situation. She said it was ok, but you could tell the hesitation. She didn't even know the guy, heck I didn't even know him.
They went and got their bags and met us back around by the cars. As we loaded up our car, Brittany was trying to quickly spray her car so it didn't smell awful and move stuff around. (2 kids and a crazy job lets just say it's not the prettiest or most presentable sight lol) I told the hubbs we had to make sure he got all his stuff in her car before we left.

Before leaving I told ________ Hey that's my boss don't do anything crazy and you'd better be nice.

As we where driving home I asked him....

Me-How is he? Is he a nice guy?
Hubbs- He's a good guy, just a little socially awkward around girls.
Me- OMG, I seriously can't believe you just did that.

A bit later B texted me to let me know that _____ had made it back to the barracks safe and sound, and that he didn't ask for her number. I again told her how awful I felt for putting her in such a awkward situation. She said it was fine, that it really wasn't that bad.

The next day (the day after they got back), _______ told the hubbs he was a idiot for not asking for her number he was just tired from traveling and nervous. So that's when he texted me _______ number and told me to give it to her. She then in turn told me to give him her number. All of this was done between me, the hubbs and Brittany texting back and forth. It was quite comical.  That afternoon he text Brittany they made small talk before he asked her to dinner that night. He was actually with the hubbs at our house and since he'd just gotten home the day before all is stuff was still in storage so they went shopping at the PX for him something to wear. And that night they went to dinner together. A local restaurant called The Black Horse, she had to pick him up from post because his car is in CO still till August.
The next day (Thursday; myself, her mom and another co-worker) we all couldn't wait for her to get to work so we could hear how it went. She said it went really well, that she didn't mind picking him up she understood. I asked her if he was nice and paid for dinner and if she would go out with him again and she said yes to all.

We still laugh at the whole situation and I still can't believe the hubbs totally handed him off on her but from what it seems it didn't turn out to bad at all. I guess we'll have to wait and see if anything comes from it. You never know right!?!?!? 


Sarah said...

This is as good a story as the moldy mistletoe story! ;) I love it! Let me know if this relationship goes anywhere! Had B met G before he deployed?

Laura Darling said...

Haha this is great! I bet your husband will be so proud of himself if this ends up in a marriage! :)