Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 4th Weekend Getaway!!!

Over the 4th of July weekend I headed up to Ohio to meet up with my In-Loves. My Father in Law has family there and apparently they do a annual 4th of July shindig and go all out. Not having any plans of my own I was excited about the opportunity when my MIL mentioned it to me a few months back. I was a bit nervous though as I'd never met any of this side of the family and neither had the hubbs. Talk about a funny story, me meeting some of his family before he ever had. So Thursday morning I dropped the pups off at the Kennel facility, first time for them. I was a bit of an emotional wreck but we all survived. lol. Headed to work for a few short hours before they let me go early knowing I had a drive ahead of me. I had my lunch and snacks packed for my road trip so I wouldn't have to stop other than to use the restroom, thankfully my car get awesome gas mileage and I knew I'd make it with out having to stop and fill up. I arrived in Delaware, OH right after 9pm and was warmly greeted by my sweet In-Loves. Aunt Janet who will be 80 years young soon, (who we where staying with) had already gone to bed. We chatted up the evening a bit before calling it a night, knowing the next few days where going to be busy busy.

Up bright and early Friday to get my work out in followed my a trip down to Columbus, OH to check out the North Market. A local indoor market with tons of vendors offering any where from yummy eats, desserts, breakfast, full meals for lunch or dinner and an assortment of household goods and trinkets. It was such a neat little place, not to big not to small. I really wish we had some thing like this in Clarksville. We have a outdoor market but its only open on Saturday early Spring - late Fall, where as The North Market is open year around. There was a Bakery / Pastry shop that sold Macaroon's. I'd never tried one but I've always wanted to so  picked up to. A Lemon flavored and then Strawberry. I ate them and gave it a fair shot but lets just say I wasn't a fan. Not something I'll be jumping up and down again to get or go out of my way for. A little way's down however was the neatest Donut shop / booth called Delicious Donuts. Let me tell you they did not disappoint at all, they where marvelous and HUGE. I decided on a plain glazed, I mean you can't go wrong with simple and sweet right?!?!? That was until they brought out a tray of Cinnamon rolls that where literally bigger then my face. Ok so I caved and bought both. Let me tell you it was totally with it to!!! After walking around once more making sure we'd seen everything, the large display of Fiestaware as well, (to bad I had all the piece there already, I was really hoping to add to my collection.) we called it a trip and headed back to Delaware. Some of us girls where meeting up for Pedi's (Thursday night when I got in-town my MIL asked if I'd want to go, UMMMM YES PLEASE). It was so nice to have a little girls time out while the guys where prepping for Saturday's big festivities. I was able to have the chance to get to know my FIL cousin and her daughter while being pampered a little, something I never do for myself. I had planned on paying for mine but before I had the chance Lori was kind enough to pick up the bill for all of us. Yall everyone was so incredibly nice and caring the entire time we where there. This was just one of the many things they did for us. We went back to Lori's house for a glass of wine and did a little getting to know each other / catching up on the patio with some yummy snacks.

 A few hours went by and we headed home to get freshened up for dinner. In Delaware they have a thing called First Friday, they shut down the street that runs through downtown (Delaware, OH is really small) and local businesses come out, set up tables to promote their business and bring the community together. We had dinner at a new little Pub / Bar and then walked the street a bit seeing what all was there. I really didn't take to many pictures at all and sadly none this evening. After seeing everything there was we headed back to Pam's house for yet another round of drinks (who am I to complain, keep the wine coming) by the fire. Not realizing what time it was when we decided to go because it was still so day light out but it was already well past 9pm. That was the thing that baffled me the most, it didn't get dark till close to 10pm each evening and both morning and night it was quite chilly. Not something we have right now in TN.

Saturday morning the FIL headed back to Rick and Lori's house to help set up for the BBQ while my MIL and I stayed back finished up some dishes we where taking and helping Aunt Janet with some last minute things she had been working on as well. Shortly after arriving back to where the BBQ was at every one else started slowly coming in. That's when it hit me that I was there with out the hubbs and with so much of his family. Even through he'd never met a soul of them it was still a bit sad and overwhelming not having him there. I did have a great time though and everyone again was so sweet and caring. Asking a million questions, simply trying to get to know Me, Us and Our Story. I didn't mind at all though I love love sharing our story, talking about our life together. Plus it totally gives me a reason / the chance to brag on my amazing husband :). Several hours went bye and many plates of yummy food later and we finally found ourselves cleaning up and preparing for a evening of Fireworks later. When Cathy (my MIL) first told me how the families 4th of July Holiday tradition went I couldn't help but chuckle. All of the left over food is packaged up and put in coolers. Everyone heads home for a nap meets back up at a local field at 7pm. I figured a few people would show back up, after all it had already been a really long day. Nope just about everyone came. We gather around in our chairs and socialize for the next several hours waiting until the firework show started. That umm didn't start till it got dark at 10pm "TEN-pm" people. Crazy. The left over food is brought to munch on through the evening and works out really well because no one has to worry about going hungry or bringing food with them. This people are pro's at it to. They foil wrap the burgers and dogs in the buns ahead of time so they are easily dispersed. You can tell they've done this a time of two.
The fire work show was simply amazing. One of the best Ive been to for sure and it lasted for a good 45 minutes, it might have even been longer. The fun part came when it was time to leave. Walking to our car was no problem but getting out of the parking lot was another story. YIKES.
 Sunday morning the In-Loves and I got up bright and early and had breakfast on the Patio at a local Diner called Hamburger Inn, in downtown Delaware. It was most definitely a bittersweet breakfast, I love any and every minute I get to spend with them but this breakfast was followed with a tearful "Goodbye" as they headed on the road to make their 30 hour drive back to AZ, while I stayed back in OH for another day and a half visiting and catching up with a few friends.
I headed back to Aunt Janet's house and decided to clear my head by going on a run. What was suppose to only have been a 3-5 mile run turned into a 10 mile run with a "Oh Crap" moment in the middle because I had to go to the bathroom somethings fierce (because of the huge breakfast I'd just eaten) and there was no bathrooms around to be found. I was turned around in the middle of a residential area and only knew how to get back which was back tracking my route. I paused my run, taking a moment to gather myself on the side of the road. I was determined to make it back and finish out my at that point planned 10 miles. I did it, it might not have been pretty but I finished and had a pretty stellar time and pace. I spent the rest of the afternoon at the house just relaxing and hanging out. That evening I headed back out to Columbus, OH for dinner with one of our sweet friends from Hawaii. Tara and I met through a mutual friend shortly after I started working at the CDC on post and clicked right away. We've stayed in touch over the years as she moved back from HI to TX and now recently back home to OH. We where able to pick right up, it was so great catching up with her in person and just to hear how great she has been doing.
I ended my evening with a little Custard in downtown Delaware. It was pretty tasty!!! 
Monday morning was another early morning for me, up to get my workout it and pack up the car. I had plans to meet up with some of our best friends from our Hawaii days back in Columbus. Jamie and Anthony where the first people I met when I went to Hawaii. I stayed with them when I went out before the hubbs and I where even married. He was in a sense their (at the time) 2nd child. The 3 of them, including their daughter Jessica did everything together. After the guys first deployment Anthony made the decision to get out of the Army and move home. It was heart breaking because I we did everything together. We where always at their house and they where always at ours. Beach and dinner trips, random shopping adventures and outings. We've kept in good touch through FB, phone and texting over the past 6 years but haven't had the chance to meet up and get together. So when I found out I was going to be in OH and so close to them I just knew we had to meet up. We met for breakfast at Bob Evan's. It was my first time there and let me tell you it didn't disappoint, it was pretty fabulous. A little back story, Jamie and Anthony left Hawaii with two girls. Jamie had their 2nd daughter right before the guys deployed. Now fast forward 6 years and they've added TWO more kids to the mix making it a grand total of 4 kiddos. CRAZY!!!!! 3 girls and the youngest a boy. They are all so cute and Jessica the oldest is almost 16 which is crazy for me to even think she can be that old. After breakfast we went down to the Ohio State Campus and walked around a bit checking it out, taking a few pictures. We ventured over to a local park and hung out there for a while. The weather was perfect and Jessica had brought her Violin and serenaded us while we continued to visit and catch up. Before to long our parking meters where up and I needed to get on the road to head back to TN. Another heart breaking "Goodbye" not knowing when we'd see each other again. Soon I hope, the plan is to, plan a trip once the hubbs gets home from deployment for us all to meet up for a weekend of camping.
A quick stop back at North Market for a treat and lunch before getting on the road to head home. A 6 and a half hour drive ahead of me I needed something to get me through. I had the best time, it was a nice relaxing weekend filled with family, friends and delicious foods. I can't wait to do it again next year for the 4th.

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