Monday, July 19, 2010

Let the countdown begin!!!!!!!!!

Now that we have gotten this thing on a role, the "Deployment" that is. It is time to start counting down the days. Counting down the days till R&R and counting down the days till Homecoming. During our last deployment both at home and at work I had count downs going on. The people I worked with loved to be involved and make sure I was keeping up with it and it help with the time. So of course this time around is no different. I have two different count downs at our home and one in my classroom at work. Seeing's allot of my kiddo's parents did just deploy with 2ND Brigade I though it was a great way to get the parent back here holding up the fort to be involved.

COUNTING DOWN TO R&R~ Starting on August 1st I will remove one mint from the bowl & when there are no longer any mints left it should be the first day of the month of R&R. I have heard of people doing something similar to this with Chocolate kisses but seeings I'm not a big chocolate person I went with the mints.

COUNTING DOWN TO HOMECOMING @ HOME~ A bright idea from one of my favorite girls was given a twist. 358 sticky notes, four rolls of tapes, 2 hours later & a wonderful evening with my besty ='s the best gift at the end of the count down. The LOVE OF MY LIFE HOME!!!!!!!!!! I take one off the door every evening before bed.

COUNT DOWN @ WORK IN THE CLASSROOM~ I had originally bought the construction paper & was going to make the paper chain and hang it up in our house. However after I got started on it, I was not crazy about having to look at it for a whole year in our house. So the classroom it was, & now it hangs around the back part of my classroom. I take one down every morning when I get into work counting down the 11 1/2 months we have left.

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

The chain is such a cute idea to do with the kiddos :)