Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life Lately

Life lately has been busy, in a good way that is. It's helping me pass the time while my lover is away serving the good 'ol US of A. Granite it's only been a day over two weeks now that he has been gone it still seems like it's been a life time. There has been a few changes around here both good, bad and sad. But each day that passes is a day closer to him coming home and a day I wont have to go through alone again.
Gabe is really good about not letting his emotions show during hard times like leaving, which is good for me because he helps me stay strong. The last night we were home together we were laying in bed talking and out of no were tears started to drip down his face and it just broke my heart, I couldn't hold it back any longer. Still being the tough guy he is he gathered him self and off to war he went. It wasn't even 24hrs into it and he was calling wanting to come home. It had finally hit him and hard, he realized what had just happened and that we were doing this again.
We are making it and we will get through this deployment and we will come out even stronger together than we were before he left. It only takes time and patience, love and communication and that we have.
We have been spoiled this first couple weeks with him having Internet in his room, which he didn't get the first go around. I was worried with my job and the time difference we would not be able to communicate as much as we did last time but it's starting off good. Sure it won't always be this good but I'm gonna take it and cherish it while we have it. Most mornings I start my days by video chatting with him as I'm getting ready for my day. I always seem to have a better day and feel so much better about things after I leave the house for work when we get to chat. When I'm getting ready for work and starting my day his is ending and he's off to dream land. In the late evening when I'm home from work and settled in the house we are able to video chat again. He is now up getting ready for work and I'm saying goodbye to another day down. Sure it's not always gonna be peachy but if I just sit around thinking about how horrible our life is right now it's not going to get me any were. Which will make these 11 1/2 months go by so slow.

Here's a bit of the busyness that has been going on at the Gabriel House Hold this last couple weeks. :) Missing him being here to enjoy the island and what if has to offer with me. Love you baby.

~*~*~Shaved Ice in Haleiwa w/ Crystal~*~*~

~*~*~Sandy, Crystal & I @ C's going away dinner ~*~*~

~*~*~Yummy Yummy Crepe's umm good ~*~*~

~*~*~Parked & Cover, were it will stay for now~*~*~

~*~*~Sweet Tara gave me a "Be Happy Gift", she is so sweet I love her.~*~*~

~*~*~Lovely Rainbow as I was driving on to HMR~*~*~

~*~*~Stacey & I @ her place for her daughter's 5th bday~*~*~

~*~*~My Favorite Diane & I having a GREAT day @ the beach w/ our puppies~*~*~

~*~*~The Black Pearl, (we think they might have been filming this day not to sure though)~*~*~

~*~*~A wonderful sunny day @ Ko'olina ~*~*~

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