Friday, July 30, 2010

Moven on up!!!!!!

Finally after what seemed like forever waiting, we got the news that orders were in and Jared would finally be getting pined.
I was out relaxing enjoying the beautiful sunset over the ocean with a friend @ Waimea Bay when he IMed me and told me the NEWS.

1300 that day for him, late in the middle of the night for me was when the ceremony was going to be taken place. I am so beyond proud of him and can not wait for him to get home so we can celebrate. Sure it will be like 7 months later but better late then never.
He has earned this promotion more than anything, he has earned the ones in the pasted and seems as if he works harder and harder as each one comes. As it should be, with a higher rank becomes MORE responsibility and MORE work. NOTHING of course he cant handle, being a rock star of a soldier that he is.

I am so proud and only wish that the ceremony would have been able to take place before he left for deployment. But everything happens for a reason. I know that SSG Jackson was more than proud to be pinning Gabe with his new rank.
AWH, I want my soldier back from Iraq. I miss him so much and I know that he is doing his job but I only wish it didn't have to be for so long.
I love you baby and can't wait till you are home in my arms again.

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