Friday, July 2, 2010

Tantalus Drive

This was a beautiful drive that Gabe & I had done back when we rented the jeep how ever it rained on us. I suggested to Crystal & Adam to do it before they left & they were all over the idea. It was so gorgeous and the weather was just perfect. The road is 10 miles long and wiggles and winds up the mountain through a pretty forest above Honolulu. Reaching the top at 1,610 feet, in the process you will be able to see Honolulu at new heights and its true beauty. There are several look outs through out the drive that offer different views of the Leeward side of Oahu.
I did find "MY SPOT" along the drive were if I ever need to just go relax and get away from it all and have myself a little quiet time. Pu'u Ualaka'a State side Park. It over looks a 25 mile swap of the Oahu, from Barbers point all the way past Diamond Head to Kahala. Its true beauty you have to see for yourself to really take in. I can't wait for Gabe to get home so we can take the drive together again and I can show him "OUR SPOT" on top of the mountain.

This was the afternoon after Gabers left and I have to say riding around in the back of a convertible mustang was a nice refreshing felling for just a brief moment as my heart ached in pain, hoping it was all a dream and I would soon wake up. OH how I miss him so dearly and would give anything to have him home in my arms.

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