Saturday, April 20, 2013

2nd Half 1st Trail.....Race

After a week of nagging and sweet talking me in to doing this race with her I finally caved and said yes. I was hesitant at first because I haven't ran long distance since my first half last month. I've only ran 3-5 miles at a time to keep up my speed and endurance. But with a little twist and pull and convincing I said YES. Just two days before the race I signed up for my 2nd Half Marathon, My 1st Trail Half Marathon. My only dilemma was that the race was in Charlotte, NC which was about a hour & half drive away. I had the option of going up with Kelly Friday night and staying with her at her families farm in Rock Hill. I didn't mind the drive but with the hubs being away I would be left having to find someone to look after the pups over night if I decided to go up that night. Just getting back from Vacay a couple weeks ago and having to ask some one to watch the puppies I didn't really want to have to do that again. So I decided to stay home and just wake up early Saturday morning and drive up. Thankfully the race started at 9am so I didn't have to get up crazy early. 
Registration was $35 so really what did I have to loose. It was the day before my birthday and I would be able to have another Half under my belt. Great way to kick off my b-day weekend, sure thing!!!! 
The Trail Half Marathon - Tuck Fest was located at the U.S. National Whitewater Center. I've never been here before but have heard great things about it. And I'm looking forward to going back with the hubs to take advantage of some of the awesome activities they offer. 
Before I left my house I had to snap a pic for the hubs of course!!! Kelly's so sweet with her birthday treats, love her!!!! 
At the start line waiting for the "Ready set GO"!!!!!!!! 
This was by far one of the most challenging runs / races I've ever done to say the least. The scenery was great and the weather was perfect but the terrain was crazy. I've never enjoyed running on dirt or a soft ground and this definitely just proved once again that I wasn't a fan. I absolutely LOVE hiking though the mountains and wooded area however running a race through it is totally different. 
We decided at the beginning of the race we weren't going for time. This was a first for both of us, (a trail run) so we were just taking it as it came and having fun with it. We wanted to get another long run in before it got to hot out. South Summers are KILLER. We took advantage and had some fun with it snapping a few photos along the way. At about mile 9 we were completely DONE. We had agreed that trail running was NOT for us and we'd be happy just getting this race over with. There were only 3..THREE..3 water stations through out the whole 13.1 miles and they were very pouring placed. The route was poorly marked, I think if I was doing it by myself I would have been so lost. We had fun and there were lots of laughs through out the morning along with a few frustrating moments. We each took a fall during the race and we most def. did not run the entire thing, it just wasn't possible. We went in to it blind not knowing what to expect. We had a great time but both agreed NEVER AGAIN. At least we can say we did it, got another long run in and marked off the miles. Even if it did take us 3.08 hours to complete it.
 Unfortunately I had to be back in the South by 1:30 that afternoon (totally didn't happen) so we weren't able to get any after pictures. I was kind of bummed but didn't realize it till after I was on the road headed back home. I crossed the finish line running and just kept running to my car. It was definitely a race I wont forget, and what better way to start off celebrating my 27th Birthday. 

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