Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Family Day - Texas Style

Wednesday was family day and it involved lots of eating of course. What else do you do on vacay?!?!? Everyone wanted to get together for lunch or dinner. I was so tired of eating out after a while. 
JT & I had plans that morning to go visit someone and then after that we met up with our Nene and Dad for lunch at Cheddars. He doesn't think he looks like dad but I really think he does. It was a bit chilly and rainy today but we still had a good visit and I'm glad we were able to get together. 
Us with Dad!
Our Beautiful Nene!!!! 
That evening we had family dinner at our Mamaw's house. Generally everyone gets together at her house once a week for dinner. Since I was in town I was nominated the one to cook dinner. I didn't mind though, I enjoy cooking and it mint a home cooked meal over eating out. :) JT came over early to help me with everything. I decided to make homemade chicken pot pie, from scratch it takes a bit more work and is kinda time consuming so having two of us working on it helped out a lot. 
He's a great cook and we made a good team working together. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it because there wasn't a drop left in the pan. 
 For dessert I made one of my favorite campfire desserts, S'Mores. I love love S'Mores they are so yummy. I was curious how they'd turn out doing it in the oven but let me tell you they were fabulous!!! Nice, Hot and Gooey just how they're suppose to be. 

Meet some of our family!!!!

Little Robert, also know as Jr. 
 Uncle Richard!! 
 Papa James!!!

 JT also brought Callie to dinner with him, so of course I had to take full advantage of her being here and get lots of cuddles and kisses. 

She's just so sweet you can't help but love her!!!
Makes me miss my puppies when I'm away. 

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It looks like you are having SOO much fun!