Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Runners will Run

My heart simply aches for those affected by the horrible tragedy that happened yesterday in Boston. We will never comprehend why people do the things they do. What they intend to get out of it and how it makes them feel any better. Yet we are left with broken hearts, incomplete families and a shaken community. As a avid runner myself I know the feeling you get from running competitively, running races and running just to run. It's my time to get out clear my head, reminisce on my day and life in general, its my ME TIME, its my Therapy. To have that completely taken away would be just devastating. I wont let this affect me were I live in fear and shelter myself from the world. However I only plan on embracing life even more. You NEVER know what is going to happen next, what's around the corner or just up the street from you. Whom ever did this trying to break us down was sadly mistaken........This is not only going to bring the running community together more but the entire United States. I'm deeply saddened for the ones who lost loved ones and were injured during what is suppose to be one of the greatest moments of their life. Running the Boston Marathon is such a honor and gift to those who do so, it will have even more meaning in the years to come. My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to each and every person involved and effected by yesterday's events. If your a runner I encourage you to get out there and run for those who can't. Run for those who weren't able to finish the Boston Marathon. And if your not a runner well there's always a time to start!!! No time like the present right :)

PRAY FOR BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got my run in for the evening did you??? I'll be running my race this weekend in memory of Boston!!!!

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Jamie said...

I'm so ready to run again. I miss the endorphins and the alone time!