Monday, April 1, 2013

Back on the Water......

(picture over load but worth it!!!!)
Sunday night I met up with my brother, a few of his friends and we all drove down to our river house. Its about a hour away from were we live, we grew up going down there every weekend and water skiing. It's absolutely so much fun, If I could pick any sport that I LOVE it would be water skiing for sure!!!! Sadly since I've gotten married and moved away I haven't been able to do much skiing which sucks. So to say I was looking forward to the next couple days on the water would be a understatement.   After we got up to the house and everyone got settled in we all set out on the patio, had a couple drinks and had a good time hanging out listening to music way to loud. Next thing we knew it was almost 2am and we were suppose to be getting up in a few hours to go get our boat.
 Here are a few pictures from our river house that I snapped while we were there. 

That morning my brother and I went for a run down to the boat ramp while the others decided to sleep off their hang overs from the night before. Its about 3 miles from the house down to the bottom of the hill to the boat ramp and back to our house. The water was smooth as glass and surprisingly pretty warm.

After we got back showered and ready we headed up the storage to get the boat. The rest of the day was spent on the water, listening to music, water skiing, having a few drinks and a all around FABULOUS TIME!!!!
 Working up the nerve to put my ski on and get behind the boat. YIKES!!!! 
 Rebecca and Myself soaking up a little sunshine. ----------Supporting the good old USA---------
My little brother and me cruising down the river. 
I finally worked up the nerve to get in the water. It was a wee bit chilly at first and I was a bit nervous about the fact if I was even going to be able to get up on my ski or not. It had been a good 4-5 years since I've Slalomed. 
You can see me skiing & my brother driving in the above pic. :)
  But guess what!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!! I got up on my first try and didn't even struggle one bit, its like riding a bike right?!?!?!? Well not exactly, I'd like to believe its quite a bit harder. I was so excited and couldn't stop smiling. I almost started crying I was so stoked and proud of myself. The only thing that would have made it any better was if my hubbs would have been there to see me. My dad used to give me a hard time because I'd never get my hair went when I skied and well guess what.....My hair was completely dry when I finished!!! That's called not crashing yall!!!! 
 Let me go ahead and brag a little bit on my little bubbly. He's a freaking pro when it comes to Barefooting, the kid used to compete in competitions all the time and plans on getting back into them. Kids got skills and I've got the proof to show you!!!! JT getting ready to go Footin. 
 JT from start to up on his feet going at a speed of 45mph in a matter of seconds. It still amazes me that he can do this. He did learn from the best though, our dad. 
He moved up top the boom (I can barefoot but only off the boom) to show off a bit more. 
 Toe-hole up, this is were he rest's his foot (one) in a loop on the handle and the boat pulls him up. This is seriously hard and takes skills but of course he's got them!!!! I even got the crash in action lol. 
I have a couple short videos' from JT Footin & Wakeboarding I'll try to upload them soon. 
Just a few bloopers from our day. :) 
JT on the Wake Board, I've gotten up a time or two on the Wake Board before but its just not my thing. Justin's pretty good at it though!!!! 

This was a new one for me, it's called a Wake Skate. I've never heard of such a thing but the guys seem to enjoy it  quite a bit. 
 Just a few more shots from one of my many runs of the day!! Perfect start each time and never crashed or fell!!!! 
 My true passion is water skiing and I couldn't imagine not being able to do it. 
 Our boat is almost 20 years old but she's still running just like new. She's a 1996 Outboard Master Craft. It's not often at all that Master Craft makes a Outboard. I grew up learning how to ski behind this boat. We did have a Barefoot Sanger before this one but when my dad had the opportunity to get this one he jumped on it. Miss. Hawaiian Tropic of 1996 won the boat, some how my dad found out about it. She didn't want the boat she wanted the money. So she sold it to my dad, before it was built. He got to go through and customize every little detail about it. Down to the colors, seat placement and every little thing. She's been through alot and I'm glad we've been able to keep her in the family. I can't wait to go home with hubbs and take him out on our boat. 
!!!!!!!!!!!!Isn't she a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the evening once we got back to the house was spent hanging out, listening to music once again probably way to loud but when your in the country were our house is that's OK. We all pitched in a made a fabulous dinner of course with a few drinks to go along with it. It felt so great to be back down at our RiverHouse and I can't wait to go back. I loved being able to hang out with my brother and get to know his Girlfriend as well. 


Brittany said...

What a beautiful boat! Looks like you guys had a blast!! Love that y'all rocked the music loud and made a good dinner :) sounds like the perfect day!

Nichole said...

How fun lady! I am so glad you got to go home and enjoy some quality time with your brother on the lake! Your skiing skills are impressive girl!