Monday, June 1, 2009

what a disaster...aaaahhhh

All day I looking forward to dinner. I even remembered to lay the meat out the night before so it would be thawed in time.
I guess it was just not meant to be, because from the time we started cooking to the time we were cleaning dishes it was a DISASTER.
It was "Chicken & Dumplings" night. A favorite of mine. I had always helped my mom or step-dad make it back home but never on my own. I though oh how hard could it be. I had the recipe from my mom and followed it step by step all the way to the very last one.
I new that the chicken would take about a hour to boil so I stuck it on the stove and asked Gabe to keep a eye on it while I went tanning. I get a text message from him right when I am done...(this is almost 30-40 after I started the chicken) and he tells me that I turned on the wrong burner. So this whole time the chicken was just sitting there in water. AAAAAHHHHH I could hit myself in the head, I always do that when I use that side of the stove. Anyhow he turns on the right one and now we are going to be eating a hour later than planned.
Everything is going well @ this point the chicken is finally done & as Gabe is cutting it up I'm preparing the dumplings. The soup is in the pot as well as everything else, here comes the next problem. I go to sprinkle in a LITTLE pepper and I didn't realize I opened the wrong lid and well lets just say I added about 1/4 CUP of pepper, when there should of just been a one tablespoon. Oh well, so I mix it up thinking with everything else in there it wont be to bad. We add the chicken & then the dumplings w/ a little flour to top it off & walla!!!! Now we just sit back & wait about 40 minutes and it will be done.
I didn't think anything about the fact that the pot was almost full and put the lid on and went about my way. Almost 20 minutes later I go into the kitchen to check on dinner and I'll have you know its over flowing like CRAZY, all over the stove.
I yell @ Gabe outside (with the dogs mind you) & he looks in and Sees what happen. I move the pot to a different burned, wash the lid & put it back on but tilted so its not completly covered. As I'm standing there cleaning up the mess, it starts to over flow even more. AAAAAAAHHHHHH, are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!! This is just not going to work out, so we leave the lid off and at this point I'm just so frustrated that Gabe steps in and takes over. He clean's up the whole mess and finishes watching it cook so we don't have another over flow.
After about 45 minutes of it cooking I'm thinking it should be about done, so as I'm checking it and stiring it around and I'll have you know it ended up all over my shirt & some on the floor. We found that some of the dumplings that were on the top were still not done so we let it cook at bit more while we tryed some.
It really wasn't to bad at all, minus the fact that it was just so stinking hot from all the black pepper. I was so hungry but disopointed at the same time I couldn't even finish my bowl. In the kitchen I was going to clean up and do the dishes, when Gabe comes and once again takes over. Needless to say the dumplings went down the drain. It just wasn't even worth the hassel to put them in a bowl to save.
OMG, I wont be suggesting that one again for dinner at least for a while.
Now that I think about it the pot that my parents would always use back home was twice as big as the one we had. (and ours is giant) so I'm sure that had some to do with it.
But how sweet of My Love to step in and just take over, night's like these when im just so frustrated with myself always turn around and that because I married the BEST MAN IN THE WORLD

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