Saturday, June 20, 2009

"GoodByes" r not Forever

Today we had to say "Good Bye" to another friend who has gotten out of the Army. BLAH, I hate goodbyes.
Even though I had only met Joey a few months ago, I sure did hear plenty about him when the guys were deployed. Seems like I have known him forever as well as his whole life story. (well, I do now) He has a wonderful son that we are truly going to miss. (however I'm not so sure about the dog's) he loved them so much.
I wish and hope the best for them and their future together as they take this next step in their life. Being a single parent is not going to be easy but he has an amazing support system back home.
We can't wait to get back to the mainland to see them again.
We will miss you both, and are looking forward to you getting your booty to Texas.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Alittle view of our GOOD Times with GREAT FRIENDS"

~~~~~~~~Gage got in Bailey's kennel so Gabe locked the door :)

Gage LOVED playing @ the playground by our house :)

"The BOYS"

He is gonna be just like his Daddy when he grows up.

Dinner @ Chili's YUMM YUMM

Crazy boys.........
........they never grow up!!!

Gage loved Gabriel & hanging out with or should i say on him....(that's what he called him bc daddy did)

(he is gonna make a great dad one day.......along time from now)


Jess said...

Yup...they are not forever, thank God! Gage is such a cutie!

I love the pictures and Gabe will make a great dad when you two are'll be an amazing mom too! :)

Annie Banannie said... guys know so many people who are leaving :( I know it must not be easy.