Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good Times

Oh me oh my, this past weekend was great.
I was really looking forward to it so much as Friday slowly came to a end. On the downer side of things Gabe was off work on Friday & I had to work.
We had a long list of To Do's for Saturday and well Gabe said since he was off he would try to take care of most of it while I was at work so we could enjoy our weekend more. (the past two weekends he has been really really sick & then the 3 weeks prior to that we had 4 extra people staying with us so there was never really any US time.)
So 6:00pm came & I headed home to see what was left to do, (I knew we still had to go to the Commissary to pick up a few things because we always do that together.) But much to my surprise when I got home I found that he had done everything and ever managed to get a nap in as well. OH MY GOODNESS, was I so happy that just meant that we could have more time to US with out having to worry about everything else.
Saturday morning we woke up & had a few little things to do around the house to get ready for dinner, (we were having friends over & I of course wanted the house PERFECT as always). After that we headed down to Waipahu to get my new tires put on my car. I really needed them, but it was a battle I had been fighting for about a month now because I didn't want to spend the money. Gosh they are so expensive.
While waiting for the car to get fixed we had planned to have lunch some were. We ended up at a local place called Zippy's. I had seen them every were before but was alittle nervous about trying it because well, I'm not crazy about some of the local stuff here. Being safe I ordered a Turkey Sandwich, you can't mess up a sandwich. It was rather tasty. :)
After quickly picking up my car & stopping off at a dealership to look at the new Toyota that just came out we then headed home to get our pup's. Last weekend we had planned to walk up Kole Kole Pass with both the dogs. However seeing's that Gabe was so sick that didn't happen. We had taken Dingo once before and he just loved it but since we got Bailey we have not been. I just LOVE going up there, it is the first place that we went together the very first time I came out to Hawaii to visit & to us it just hold so many memories.

We had so much fun walking up with both puppies, it just makes me laugh watching them play and run around together. Watching Bailey try and climb up the steps is the best part because she is still trying to figure everything out. It's great because when ever we go there is hardly no one ever there so we can let them run free & go crazy. IT'S GREAT FOR TWO PUPPIES :)
After getting home we were so tired, I don't think it hit us though until we sat down on the couch. With in minutes we were both out and the dogs to. You could tell they were so warn out.
Later that evening we had Rae & Jason over for dinner & a movie. It was great because we had not seen them in almost 3 weeks now. Little Christian had started walking and was all over the place. It was definitely a great way to end such a busy, yet relaxing day.

Sunday came and it was already booked with stuff we had to do as well. We headed over to Joey's house around 10:00am to finish helping him with his house. Clearing it out, cleaning & getting rid of well.....everything. While the guys made a few trips to the dump Gage & I went back to our place to chill out. We watched a couple movies & had some PB & J for lunch. Later that afternoon Joey went to finish up is TAT. & we headed to the PX for a hair cut. (Gabe not me), the line was oh so so long, so while he waited the lil. man got to play in the play ground area. I swear the kid could live in there if we all let him.
Heading back home I was so excited to see some friends that were in town visiting from Texas.
Mark, Sherie & their daughter Courtney. I have known them for so many year, boy since I was way little. They were able to stop by the house in the middle of there super busy vaca. to say Hello and check out our place. It was great to see a familiar face. It did make me so sad though & made me miss Texas just that much more. We had a great visit & they were on their way to North Shore.

The evening ended w/ more house guest. lol Joey & his son are staying with us until next Wednesday when they leave the Island. He is such a great guy & an even better dad. If only we could do more to help him with what he is going through right now.
I love weekends like this, not only was it relaxing to a point but we got allot done & were able to be together just the two of US. (for the most part)
I'm so excited about next weekend & what its going to bring. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nichole said...

Sounds like a great weekend and I LOVE your shirt girly!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Thanks Cole (as emily would call you lol), miss you girly :(

NeNe said...

I get all the blogs, but I am not good at posting, why I don't know, but love the "thin recipes" Can't wait to try the Shrimp Tacos and the chicken. Sounds good! The puppies are darling, know they enjoy each others company and you all enjoy watching them. Glad you had visitors from Arlington. Tried this last night, don't think it went. Love NeNe

Annie Banannie said...

The pups @ Kole Kole remind me of my parents doggies...they love adventures in Nebraska during hunting season with my parents :)

Glad to see you got to see some familiar faces from TX :)