Thursday, June 4, 2009


Forever takes me by a minute, each & every day
While I’m here with you Jared.
I’m falling even more in love, with every step we take
and with everything you do.

Hold me in your arms,
Look deep into my brown eyes,
Don’t turn away and let me go,
Don’t ever tell me lies.

I swear I’ll never loose you boo,
In my arms I’ll always hold you close to me.
I’ll never let you slip away from my touch,
And leave nothing left untold.

There aren’t enough hours,
In each passing day for me,
To find all the words,
I wish I could say to show you how much I love you.

Your kiss will last always and forever and thensome,
Your touch forever warm around me.
You’ll guide me to the sunlight and back to you at night,
And shield me from the storm of evil soroundings

This is what I’m saying,
With everything that’s true,
I swear on my life and every thing there is,
That I really do love you Jared.

You are my one and only & no matter what any one says or dose
the love I have for you will never fade away.
You complete the shape of my heart and so much more.



Nichole said...

Beautiful sweetie!

Jess said...

I agree with Nichole...this is beautiful!