Sunday, June 7, 2009

It bit the dust

So my last computer(laptop) Gabe bought me right before we got married on November of 2007. I was so thankful and have used it daily since then. During the deployment I almost never went any were with out my laptop. My laptop along with my cell phone were stuck to my hip. lol.
Over the past couple months since Gabe has been home my computer has been running slower & slower. Allot of times while I'm right in the middle of doing something it will just freeze and well needless to say it frustrates me to no end.
About two months ago I had my laptop sitting on the arm of the couch and well it fell. Which some how broke the part of the power cord that plug's into the computer. Therefor it wouldn't charge, so we went to the PX to get a new power cord. We looked at me a new laptop but I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on a new one since it was just the cord that was really broke. (even though at the time the one I had was running like crap) So we just settled with the new cord and went about our day.
Yesterday, I was trying to get on line and well my computer was just being a pain in the butt. It wouldn't pull up the Internet for anything. It would load half way and then freeze. I couldn't even save any of my pictures that I was trying to add. After restarting it and shutting it down many times I was DONE.
I told Gabe I wanted a new one. It was running so slow & I couldn't do anything on it that I wanted to.
So he said "OK", just like that. He said let me go up stairs and change and we will go to the PX and get you a new one. So we did, I was alittle hesitant about it at first because once again I didn't want to spend the money. However he had tryed many times in the past couple weeks to fix it and bring it back to normal but it just wasn't working.
The PX had a great deal on a brand spanking New Sliver Sony Laptop. It was just calling my name. I made sure that it had everything I wanted and top on my list was a web cam. I couldn't be happier with my new laptop. I'm so thankful for Gabe he spoils me like crazy. That's because I'm his baby girl!!!!

And on another note, after our visit to the acc this morning. (Gabe had been sick since last Friday & things got worse over the last couple days. but after having blood drawn and 2 IVs he is getting better) We both came home and passed out on the couch.

Little Gage came over around noon to spend the day with us again and so once Gabe got up we headed to Firestone here on post to price out new tires for my car. (seems like I just got new ones last year (well i did) but I need new ones again) After that we headed down to Best Buy & Gabe got a New Laptop as well. He got a Dell and it's one of the smaller versions. (a mini laptop) He got one when he was home on R&R but well that's another story. Any how we are both set with new ones and are having a great day!!!!!!

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~kari~ said...

what a sweet hunny you have that spoils you!! that's the way it's supposed to be! good job gabe!!! :o)