Sunday, July 3, 2011

BBQ Ewa Style

A evening out with some great friends is just what was on the itinerary for the evening. Our friends J & A were having a house warming party to show off their new crib in Ewa Beach. We headed out for some BBQ & drinks, a short hello and visit turned into a all night affair but it was a fabulous night. Catching up with a couple girlfriends & meeting some of the guys that the hubbs has spent the last year with was great. Hearing some of the stories from the deployment, and how they all bonded so well together was quite comical to say the least.
Gabe spend some of the evening playing with lil A, they had a blast together. Everyone kept commenting on how good he was with him and how they though he was ready to have a kid of his own. I couldn't help but sit back and watch, he is so good with kids and loves playing around with them. However we aren't there yet, there as in wanting kids of our own. Maybe one day maybe not, only time will tell.

Later that night we wrapped things up said our good byes and headed back to our own casa, in good ol' Wahiawa. It was a good night out, I've missed get togethers with my love. I think we might plan a dinner party here at the house soon, maybe over block leave. It's always a fabulous time when everyone is over, not to mention I love cooking & being a host.

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