Friday, July 15, 2011

Redeployment Ceremony

The last of the "deployment" has finally come & gone. Today was the Redeployment Ceremony for the soldiers of 2nd Brigade who just return from a year long deployment to Iraq. My spouse was so kind enough to attend with me as she has been there by my side for every other part of the deployment. With the sun beaming down on us as we sat patiently and waited, I could only imagine how hot the guys were on the field in their ACU's. Finally we could put this whole thing behind us and get block leave rolling along.

With the band playing in place, the soldiers marched forward & the colors were uncased. Speeches were spoken, the wounded & lost were recognized. Many wives who went above & beyond within the FRG were recognized on the field as well. (my mistress to be included)
I remember one year ago as I sat on this very field during the deployment ceremony thinking I cant believe we are really here again. Now I sit and Thank God that we are here were we are now......DONE. We have completed deployment # 2. I couldn't have done it alone that's for sure, we had a awesome support system which we are so grateful for. I am so happy knowing we wont be going through another deployment for at least the next two possible three years. Many changes come within the life of a army wife, some are good, some are bad, some are hard, some are sad, some are easy and even fun. The next year will be full of changes in my life, I'm looking forward to it but I know by no means will it be easy.

~Uncasing the Colors~

~1-27 Wolfhounds~

~2nd Brigade Soldiers~

~My Hero & I~

~The Linsky's & Gabriel's back together @ last~ just missing our Martin's.

~one for the BLOOPERS~

We were wearing matching sandles & didn't plan it either.

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