Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence day

We started the morning off with a hardy breakfast.......homemade french toast that is. Shortly after we headed out to start our day. Out for our first adventure, we were set to take on another hike. I just can't seem to get enough of the view and spectacularness that mother nature has to offer here in paradise. It drizzled on us a little through out the hike but nothing at all to bad. It was actually quite nice and kept us cool. As we tromped through the muddy paths, around the bends and up the hills we were able to take in some of the most breath taking sights, it was beautiful. Once we got back to the start of the trail our shoes were completely covered in mud. It was horrible, I could feel it between my toes and not to mention the backs of my legs. All I kept thinking about was OMG I have to get in MY car like this. Thank goodness for public restrooms at the parking area, I was able to wash my legs off and my shoes for the most part as well.
We made our way back home a few hours later and so I could get things going for the evening while my love went to the gym.

We had dinner plans with a few friends out on the North Shore and of course I had to make some goodies to take with as well. On the list to make was Two Cheese Rosemary Mash Potato's, 2 Steaks & Cupcakes. I was baking away in the kitchen getting every thing prepped and ready. It was going to be a fabulous night.

Gigi & I ~ I love this kiddo!!!!!!!

Finally dinner was ready and it was time to eat, it was like Thanksgiving again with all the different food options that was there. And there was only 5 couples but let me tell you by time the night was over there wasn't hardly anything left at all. Not to mention the cupcakes went like hot cakes. DELICIOUS if I do say so myself!!!!!!!!

After dinner we walked down to the beach to set off a few of our own fire works. (ok, sparklers maybe. seeings fire works are illegal here in Hawaii for whatever reason.)
It was so nice to be able to spend the holiday with my husband here with me. I have missed celebrating holidays with him. The past year has been great celebrating with my army family, its just the icing on the cupcake when he is here to join in. We have some amazing friends here on island and are so blessed to be able to enjoy days / evenings like tonight with them. I couldn't ask for a more perfect life, everything is blissfully in the Gabriel's world.

HAPPY 4th Of July!!!!!!!!!
From JD, Me, Gabe, Izzy (the pup) & The Wisemans as well as we can't for get Tara ~ she was taking the picture!!!!!

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