Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome Home Ball

What better way to welcome our soldiers home and to honor the ones we have lost over the deployment than a Welcome Home Ball. After lots of planning, shopping and searching for that perfect dress we were finally ready for the evening. With my hair done and the hubbs Dress Blues steamed and pressed we were looking pretty fly. After lots of talking we opted not to stay downtown over night after the ball and I'm happy we decided not to. I mean after all we would only be in the room to sleep and then have to get up early to check out and come home so really it just made more sense to come home were we could sleep in and sleep in our own bed. Not to mention I couldn't bring myself to pay $200 or $300 for one night in a hotel when we could put that towards our block leave adventures.

The first few pictures are of us before we left the house to head downtown. We took this opportunity to get some good photos to send to family back home. Nothing brightens a grandparent or parents face more than a picture of their child lol. Thanks to my spouse Sarah for being there for us through this process & capturing those moments. I don't think everything would have came together like it did if it wasn't for her. (she was the one who picked the dress up and said "oh just try it on, it always looks different on vs. on the hanger") Let me tell you I'm so glad she pushed me to try it on also because I LOVED it to pieces.

I absolutely LOVED my hair!!! Thanks Rock Hair Roll
My Handsome Stud Muffin & I :) dressed & ready for the Ball.
I simply can't get enough of this man.
Besos for My Love

We arrived at the location were the ball was being held with plenty of time to enjoy the cocktail hour before we had to make our way to our seats. Visiting with friends, meeting some more of the guys that Gabe works with and of course hearing all the "remember when" stories. It's so neat to see how he is with his men and the way they talk about what a outstanding soldier he is and how they were so pleased to have worked with him during the deployment. I can't tell you how many times during the evening someone came up to me and told me what an amazing husbands I have. "Why thank you, I happen to agree with you"
And let me tell you it was not just guys that were under him but higher ranking men as well. It's awesome to be married to such a amazing person that puts so much into what he does and the people he works with. I'm blessed that he puts even more into our relationship as well.

During the ball speeches were given, toast were made to honor the present and past, memories were shared, stories were told and new beginning were started. It was a night full of love and laughter through out the entire room. I have to admit I was super nervous about going partly because it was our first ball together and I wasn't sure what to except & partly because I don't talk to many of the wives in our company. (long story short, they all kids & have their little mommy groups or they are the ones that try to wear their husbands rank along with them and well that's just not me)

The Toast's ~ drinking from the Grog.
Beautiful Katie & I~ Love this girl!!!

The evening ended up being better than expected and we completely enjoyed ourselves. I was the DD for the evening meaning the hubbs could live it up and have all the fun he wanted. Let me tell you the guys did just that. At one point I looked at Katie & said "I feel like I'm sitting at the little kid table." You know how kids get when they are in a candy store or they are on a sugar high, yea well that is just how most of the guys were that we were sitting with. It just wasn't sugar or candy they were "high" on it was alcohol of all different sorts. Nothing ever got out of hand, no one got into any fights and there was no blood. So all in all a good evening. It was a well deserved night for the guys to just let loose and have a good time.

Enjoying our First Ball together. (his 2nd)
"Roommates for a year long deployment" ~ this is what I heard all evening from Fin
I have to say one of the high lights of the night was once we walked down stairs and were talking about were we were going to go afterwards. Fin (pictured above w/ Gabe) was having himself a fabulous time; no date no one to go home to and just totally living it up if you know what I mean. Some how we all happen to turn our heads at the same time and well...........he ended up in the coy pond right near were we were standing. It was priceless to say the least, and gave everyone a good laugh. The guys so kindly helped him out and of course made fun of him in the process. Definitely a moment I'll always remember.
After the ball we, along with about 6-8 other people made our way down to a local bar to continue the evening of celebrating. Of course more drinks, loaded Oreo ice cream cake and french fries were spread about the table for everyone to share. Slowly but surly our 6-8 people grew to about 15-17 people. We kinda took over one half of the outside area, honestly I felt bad for the wait staff that got stuck with us. I'm sure waiting on a bunch of drunken soldiers was not on the top of their to do list for the evening.

Just shortly before midnight we decided to head out and make our way back to home. We had, had all the fun we could handle for one evening. I'm so glad that we were able to enjoy this night together, I couldn't think of anyone else I would have rather been with. Our first ball was a success if I do say so. I can only hope that the next one is able to top this one, that will be a hard one though, so we shall see.


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lilmoomoo said...

Awww! It looks like you all had fun!
So happy for you that you have your husband home!
My fiance' is also in the Army, and we are in the process of wedding planning!
I haven't had to deal with deployment yet, but I know I will have to eventually!
Enjoy your time together :)