Sunday, July 3, 2011

Paradise liven :)

What better way to spend a Sunday when you live in Hawaii then at the beach. Its one of my all time favorite things to do :) This Sunday was no different, we had plans to meet up with N & her fam. North Shore bound it was, I spent alot of time through out the deployment down on the North Shore. It was my safe place in a way. My little spot to get away from the rest of the world just to soak up the sun.

I am absolutely loving getting to do all of these things with Gabe home now. Sure it was nice & enjoyable to a point by myself but it's simply amazing having him there with me.

Soaking up the sun, playing with the kiddos, watching the sea turtles, chatting away, sitting out in the ocean together........just like old times before he left. Making new memories to add to our story book I call LIFE.

Simple days like today are the moments that I long for the most. I can't imagine life with out Gabe at all, he is my whole world and so much more. I'm head over heels in love with him and falling more and more each passing day. :)

"Falling in love is a magical time... where the world seems even more beautiful, colours more vibrant, foods more delectable, sounds more enchanting and time less important."

Little pieces of Hawaii that I enjoy!!!!!!!!

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