Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fun w/ Dolphins

While my MIL was here we took a day to go swimming with the dolphins. (Gabe & his dad went swimming w/ the shark while we did this) My friend Sarah's sister & mom happen to be in town as well and the three of them joined in on the fun. This was the first time I had ever done anything like this so to say I was alittle nervous would be a understatement. However after getting adjusted to my 2nd mask & snorkel (the first set I accidentally knocked it in the ocean. oops.) It was time to get in, now any other time I get into the water from a boat I climb down the back latter near the motor. NOPE NOT this time, we just jumped right in from the side were we were sitting. EEKS, not my cup of tea but by the 2nd time getting in I was totally fine. However the water was a wee bit nippy at first. Once we got in and got use to it we were good but it was that first shock that was the kicker.

There was a photographer on board & at one of the many stops she went down to the bottom of the ocean & came up with this creature. A Star Fish, the only other star fish I have ever held was the ones my mom had in her bathroom as decor. This thing was creepy, prickly & it smelled funky. I can say I held one but you can bet I wont be jumping up & down to do it again.

This is the boat we went out on, now I was a bit lost at first. I guess in my head I figured "ok we are going out in the middle of the ocean we should be in a larger deep sea type boat made of fiber glass." NOPE, wrong again we were going out on a boat that was filled with air to hold it up. Boy did we get the ride of our life heading out to sea, to our first swim area. Our Capt. didn't slow down one bit when she went over the waves, we were literally holding on for our life. It was so much fun, Sarah & I just kept looking at each other laughing.

Swimming with the dolphins was one of the neatest things I have ever done. I'm glad I was able to take my MIL to do this she had a great time. Even better Sarah & her fam getting to join as well. At some points we could have reached out and touched them if we wanted to. HOWEVER you are NOT allowed to. Seeing so many in one area together at a time was amazing, out in the open ocean at that. They ranged from all different sizes from small to large, mommies & babies. These type of dolphins are called spinner dolphins. As we just kinda floated there in the water looking down they were swimming right under us, at one point they swam right past us & we swam as fast as we could to get closer.

This was the background view we had all afternoon while we were out in the deep blue sea. It just doesn't get any better than that, simply beautiful.

Many faces of the Spouse & I. Above & Below the water having the time of our life, laughing & giggling at each other. We would take turns diving down to see how far we could go, at one point I had my life jacket on (which was required while swimming near the dolphins) and when I came up I pretty much ran right into the boat. Sarah got a good laugh. I'm still getting use to the whole mask / snorkel thing, I hate the salt water in my eyes or if I get it in my mouth. But I'm getting better and quite proud of myself.

We have so much fun together & its always an adventure when we go out. Never know what we are gonna find or what we are gonna get ourselves into. I can't say enough about how much I love this girl.

The 5 of us had a fantastic day together, I got a new camera just in time for our outing which worked out perfect. Another thing marked off my "Hawaii Bucket List". I absolutely love our life that we have built here in Hawaii. As much as the Army may frustrate me at times if it wasn't for the army we wouldn't have some of the opportunities that we do.

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