Saturday, December 22, 2012

Adding to My Collection

A week or so ago the hubbs & I were out shopping and we stumbled upon this fabulous Fiestaware pot / skillet set. I'd never seen it before and I was overly excited, like a fat kid in a candy store excited!!! They had a few items that were sold individually that were different colors but not enough to make a full set. We priced it out and buying just four items would be right at $200.00 that's the whole cost of the 11 piece set. $200.00. I really wanted it but I knew the hubbs had already spent a pretty penny on my Christmas gift. I told him we would wait, because I knew I'd be getting a "cash" gift from my parents at school the very next day. (Monday) It's just what they do, they take up a collection and its divided out between the other two teachers and myself. 
Then I'd still be getting it, just not spending "our" money. It made perfect sense, and so that is what we did. Monday rolled around, sure enough I received $200.00 cash from my parents at school as my Christmas gift. Thursday the hubbs went over to Dillard's and picked up my fabulous new Pot / Skillet set. We decided it made more since to get the full 11 piece set vs. buying it all individually just to get different colors and paying way more. The set was $200.00 exactly so we only had to pay the taxes, not to shabby if I do say so myself. I'm loving my new set and the color to, I can't wait to use them the weekend!!!!!!! 
(please excuse my ugly gas stove, I hate it!!!)
I've managed to build quite the collection of Fiestaware over the past couple years. I absolutely love how colorful it is and how it brightens up our kitchen. Everything is a different color even down to the salt and pepper shakers and the utensil set. I think I'll have to do a post, show casing our collection here soon!!!!! I've still got quite the list of items I want, Can't wait to add more to our collection.

Do you have a particular dishware / 
cookware brand you are partial to over another???

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ROXY said...

We also got new cookware from my inlaws. I remember seeing these at Dillard's and I love how color they are. :) We got the Emeril brand cookware. I wish we would have got something with more color than your standard black and silver.