Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Day in Asheville!!

We took a day trip with the In-Loves to The Grove Park Inn, in Asheville North Carolina to see the National Gingerbread Houses from the Gingerbread Competition. It was a beautiful day, no rain or ugly clouds like the day before so that was nice. When we got into Asheville the temps. starting dropping right away. It went from 50 something to low 40's almost in the 30's. I was not prepared for that type of coldness. As we drove in the Inn / Resort area it's self we noticed may cars and houses covered in snow. We looked closer and notice little snow flurries coming down from the sky. It was very light but still so neat to see. I hadn't see snow in forever so it was much like a "awh WOW" moment. I managed to get a few pictures before we left the resort to head home but I was to caught up in looking at how beautiful the area was and the snow coming down that I completely forgot to get my camera out. 
Headed in to the Resort we made our way around looking at all the different Gingerbread houses. 
My Nene Loves Nut Crackers and we always get her one for Christmas each year. She has quite the collection. So when I saw this guy standing in the hall, I had to get a picture for her. 
Enjoy the view outside, which didn't last to long because it was so cold. I really could have gone for a nice cup of hot chocolate right about then. 

Not only was the inside of the resort beautiful but the outside was amazing. I am def. coming back in the spring time so we can spend more time here. 
Below are the Gingerbread house Finalist. They were beautiful and so detailed. All the way down to the expressions on their faces and the details on each and every piece. 

 Baby its Snowing outside!!!! 
Sometimes I say I wanna live some were, where it snows in the winter but then other times I don't think I would like having to deal with it. It's fun to play in but I'm sure it can be a pain in the butt. 
Burrr, Baby IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!!!! We walked back down to the bottom of the resort, about a half mile walk or so (not long at all) but it was FREEZING. My face and hands were so cold and red, of course I forgot my gloves and hat at home. 
We had a great little trip, stopped at PF Changs on the way home for dinner and had lots of quality time together :) on the way there and back. 

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Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I'm so jealous! I didn't make it up there this year, so thank you for this post - I can live it through you! So sorry it was so cold!