Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Sweet's & Treat's

Christmas vacay has finally graced its presents here in the South!! This past Wednesday was my last day of work till after the new year. What dose that mean you ask?!?!?! Lots of time just the hubby and I because he's off for the same time frame as I am. Shopping for the holidays and ourselves of course, lots of dates, in-loves coming to town, and lots more fun stuff. Which includes finally catching up on this here ol blog of mine that I've neglected over the past couple weeks. I've got plenty to share so I'll start with the loads of sweet treats I've made and also received at work over the last two weeks. I love to bake and cook but the holidays seem to always bring it out in me that much more!!!!

~Cinnamon Sugar Pecans~
(made by yours truly!)
~Thick & Chewy M&M Cookie Bar~
(made by yours truly!)
Christmas Cards ~ Sealed, Stamped & Ready for Delivery.
 One of my favorite parts about the Holidays is sending out Christmas Cards!!!!
Next up are the slew of gifts I received from parents & co-workers from school. 
Chick-Fil-A Gift Card & Calendar, Personalized Notepad & a Bracelet. 
Monogrammed Lunch Pail, Bath set with Lotions, Body Wash and a luffa, Christmas Koozie!! 

Another Lotion and Body Spray with a Bracelet. A Super Cute Apron from one of my sweetest parents now friend / running partner. I walked out to my car one day after work and there was this package sitting next to my car. I new it was from her, even though it was marked "From Secret Santa".  I texted her and told her I was going to wait and open it on Christmas day and she said I had to open it before so I could use it on Christmas Eve & Day. I absolutely love it, its my first Apron!! Shocker right!! 

A little Sweet treat stop for myself and the hubbs while I was out picking up a gift card for a friend and spending one on myself as well. We aren't crazy about "Sweet" Cupcakes but they have some pretty yummy Hot Cocoa. 
Of course My Holiday Shopping and Gift giving adventures aren't complete with out some yummy Starbucks. Since I don't drink coffee my choice of drink in the winter time is Hot Chocolate. I recently discovered a love for Peppermint Hot Chocolate, I love anything and everything that involved peppermint. 

Don't you just love the Holidays &
everything that comes along with it?!?!?!? 
WE DO!!!!!

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