Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Art Lately

We've been quite busy over the last month with loads of fun art work at school. It's been fun and the parents seem to be enjoying all the creativeness we've been sending home. Santa's beard is growing by the day, he's starting to get some fluff to him. We found Rudolph's feet last week and posted them outside on our Christmas Window. These are one of my favorite from the past couple weeks. I love the idea of splitting our bulletin board into two different boards. I definitely think we might have to do this again.
For our Christmas gift to the parents from the kiddos, we got a little creative. I'm so happy with the way they turned out. Other's had doubts that it would work out and look cute but we happily proved them wrong. We made imprints of the kiddo's feet with homemade clay, baked them, painted them green and then we glued red sparkle balls on the top. They symbolized Misltoe. We wrapped them and put a cute saying on the packaging that said "kiss me I found the misltoe" so the parents would know what it was suppose to be. They made super cute Christmas Tree ornaments.  
We made one other Christmas ornament that didn't turn out exactly like I'd hoped but hey when does any idea you find off pinterest turn out just right. Everyone still seemed to like them and thought they were cute. I think they would have been better if we would have had different paint, but I wasn't wanting to go around town search for it. They still look cute and I mean hey they were done by one year old's so it's ok right. 

As much as I love doing art work and Christmas project with our kiddo's I'm so happy we are finished with it for the year. We've been busy little bee's and my creative finger is ready for some rest. We've got lots of idea's for the month of January, more snowmen and snowflakes to come!!!!

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Janna Renee said...

These are all SO cute! When we pulled out Christmas decorations, we found some old homemade decorations like these. Such nostalgia.