Tuesday, December 18, 2012

THE TREE!!!!!!!!

We got a REAL tree for the first time ever this year. I've always had a artificial one for as long as I can remember. Even at my dad's house growing up we did, it was always a white one. I'd never been crazy about real tree's because of the mess they make. Let me tell you I'm a bit crazy when it comes to our home and keeping it clean and picked up. The though of pine needles falling all over the floor and having to sweep as twice as often really didn't appealed to me. But the hubbs suggested a real tree this year. For whatever reason I still don't know because he's always been against them. I went along with it though. When he makes a suggestion I never let him back down or out of it. :) lol

When the hubbs got off work mid afternoon a couple Sunday's ago we headed out to pick out our perfect tree. We had a hour to get to the tree farm I'd found online, before they closed. Ya so what if it was 45 minutes away, pushing it maybe. I told him this was a first and maybe a last so I wanted to go all out and go to a tree farm not just a local store to get our tree. I wanted us to pick it our from a farm gosh darn it, not from the side of the road from a stand. 
When we got there, they gave us a pole to measure the height of the different trees. And we were off on the hunt, looking at all the different tree's till we found the right one. 
Then we found it, it was perfect right at 7 feet tall. I was so excited, my our first real tree.  
 I absolutely love the holidays with my hubbs. He's such a sport and never complains about my quirkiness. I had so much fun picking out our tree, at this point we hadn't got it home yet but I was already thinking about next year and picking out our tree. :) 
 Time to get it cut down!!! 
 Getting it bagged up and ready to go. This reminds me of Christmas movies when they cut the tree's down and put them through the tree bagger thingy :). 
 Waiting to get our tree loaded up!!! 
 Ready to go, ready to make the 45 minute drive back home and set up our tree. 
 We've made it in the house, time to cut the bag off and fluffy the branches :) 
 Isn't she a beauty!!! 
 Monday night the hubbs put the lights on the tree. That's his job every year. He does the lights and the star at the top and then I put the ornaments on. To bad I couldn't put them on tonight, I completely forgot I through away all of the little metal hooks last year. I had to wait till the next day on my lunch break to go buy some new ones. 
 Our First real tree decorated and all her glory!!!! We even have a few gifts wrapped and placed under the tree. I can't wait for the in-loves to get here in a few days to see it. So far so good, I've swept a few times but nothing more than normal. The falling pine needles really haven't been to bad at all, and we've kept up with watering it every day so it doesn't die. We've been great "real tree" parents. 
 I think we've started a tradition, I think I really like having a real Christmas tree. I think we might just do it again next year. I kinda like it and it makes the house smell pretty!!!! 
Not to mention all we have do when Christmas is over is take down the ornaments pack them up and put the tree out for the trash. Easy as pie, I think so!!!!!  
Sorry for the Christmas tree picture over load, but I'm super excited about our TREE. If you can't tell. 
Merry Merry Christmas!! More on our Holiday celebration to come in the days ahead!!!!!


Katie Mader said...

Pretty tree!!!! I love your leg pose too! :)

Janna Renee said...

Aww yay! There is no such thing as too many Christmas tree photos ;)

Jamie said...

Thats a pretty tree. It has a great shape!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

This is our first time with a real tree too. I love it! Yours looks perfect :)