Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NYE 2013 & 2012 in Review!!!!

The hubbs and I rang in the New Year together in the comfort of our little casa!! Just how we like it!! Back up a few Hours, we went over to a friends house were a couple of us from the unit gathered for some yummy food and good company. We all hung out and chatted a bit and then we all departed and went our own way around 10pm. We were the only ones out of the other 3 couples that didn't have kiddos to get to bed. We came home slipped into some comfy clothes and watched a little TV and of course my favorite part about NYE, watching the ball drop in Time Square. My most favorite place in the world. It was a simply / mellow evening but just perfect for us. Nothing to big and fancy, we were able to go to bed when we wanted and didn't have to worry about driving home or fighting the crowds. I got a fabulous Happy New Years call from my Spouse which I kindly returned the call at 5am my time, midnight her time. She rang in the New Year with us and so of course I had to do the same with her.
2012 was a wonderful year filled with many journey's and experiences that I'll never forget. I can't wait to see what is in store for us in 2013. We'd better make the most of it here in the South because it's our last full year here. It's so crazy to think that this was our last time celebrating NYE in our home here in the South.

Cheer's to a wonderful NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! 

Here's a few of my favorite moments from 2012, I / we had so many great times during the year that its hard to pick just a few. But I think I managed!!!  Hope you enjoy looking back in time because I sure did.

First Kiss of 2012.
 Puppies Turned 3 Years Old. 
Hubbs Graduated Drill SGT School.
Celebrating My 26th & Hubbs 29th Birthday 
Birthday festivities!!!!
First Family Camping Trip.
We attended our 1st Army Marriage Retreat. 
 Hawaii Reunion with the Brooks Fam. 
Took our first cooking class together.
Went to our first drive in movie together. 

I was able to visit DC with the Spouse
Exploring West Virginia with the Spouse. 
Hubbs made Drill SGT of the Cycle his first Cycle.
Hubbs competed in his first Glock Shoot Competition .
Ran in my first mud run, in Texas. 
Fall Fun and Family in Texas. 
Blake Shelton Cruise with the Spouse & Mistress!!!
Took a Hot Air Balloon ride for our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary. 
Celebrated 5 Wonderful Blissful Years of Marriage. 
Watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade LIVE in NYC w/ My Mom. 
Kissed Mickey Mouse in Time Square. 
Celebrated Christmas together with the In-Loves in the South. 

It was a wonderful year, as I was looking back through pictures and posts from 2012 it's funny how after 5 years of being married we are still experiencing "1st" I LOVE IT!!!! 

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Lauren said...

Wow...looks like you've had quite the year!! Hoping 2013 is good to you, too!