Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Week Flash Back

My week in review through Instagram, seriously I mean who doesn't LOVE Instagram. 
Monday was a run day!! I have to toot my own horn I'm getting stronger and stronger on my runs. It's a wonderful feeling. It doesn't happen over night but I will get there, one run at a time. 
 Tuesday I met up with 3 other wives from our company for dinner at the local Pizza Joint. Its by far the hubbs and I's favorite pizza place in the area. We all try to get together at least once and month and just catch up outside of the company / BCT life on the trail. The company was great, the food was fabulous the laughs were endless and I can't wait to do it again. Before we left I called the hubbs to see if he wanted dinner, since he was staying out in the field over night for their FTX (field training exercise). With two of the other wives husbands out there we just decided to get them a whole pizza to share. 20 inches of pure yummy goodness right there. This thing is so so BIG and so so good!!!!
 Tuesday night I also registered for the Color Run that is coming to the South the beginning of March. I'm super excited, it was here twice in my area last year and I was out of town both days. Not this time around. I first saw the Color Run on Pinterest a bit ago and knew it had to be on my "To Do Race List". I will definitely be doing it for fun and just to have a good time with it (not time at all), seeing's I'll be running my 1st Half Marathon a week later. I don't want to take any chances in hurting myself or causing any injuries. 
Wednesday after our run I came home and hung out with the hubbs in his office / disaster of a room while he reloaded ammo. I was totally not feeling the need to cook dinner at all, I was being lazy and enjoyed just lounging around chatting with him. You ever have those days were nothing sounds good, you don't wanna cook but you don't want take out either?!?!? Yea that was this girl right here. 
Isn't he just a doll face, :) I sure do think so. I love his blue eyes to!!! I lost interest in hanging out in the man-cave mess of a office when his "manpanion" called and they started talking guns. "See ya" I'm gonna go figure out dinner on that note. Love you boo!!! 
Friday I came home to a box from the Mistress on my front porch. I have such fabulous friends, that know the way to my heart. Isn't she so sweet, chocolates, a wine glass, comfy socks and a cute shirt with a little bit of nail color. What more do I need for a perfect Friday night when the hubbs has CQ. Well maybe a bottle of wine to go along with it. :) 
Sunday after our long run that was suppose to be 6 miles that turned into 9.5 miles I was definetly feeling a little bit of pain in my left lower leg. I treated myself to lunch and came home and took the rest of the day off. Not at all how I had intended to spend the rest of the day but thankfully I have tomorrow off as well. Thank You MLK!!! Icy Hot & Sweet Tea a cure for just about anything!!!! 


Miranda Dvorak said...

The color run is so much fun! You will love it! I can't wait to run it again.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Looks like a great week!