Sunday, January 6, 2013

Breaking Them In.

Remember in my earlier post from today when I said I don't do well with change, 
well here's a little story about what happen today. 
K and I had plans to go run today but she decided since it was so cold, rainy and crummy out that she should keep her little one in. Makes total since, don't wanna get the baby sick. But I of course had to try out my new shoes that I'd got the day before and hit the streets running, literally. :) I was so pumped and ready to go, the cold weather didn't phase me at all. I'm actually kinda used to running in it now, although some days it still kinda sucks. I was about 2 miles in to my run and my feet were feeling it something bad. I don't know if it was really just all in my head or that fact that I took a different route today running or if it was me just getting used to new shoes, I didn't wear my running socks (socks really do make a difference). I mean it could have been a ton of different things. But my run wasn't great at all, I wanted to quit and just give in and walk the rest of the way home. Even if that did mean a LONG walk in the cold dreary ugly weather. But I DIDN'T I sucked it up and finished my run, I kept telling myself I was lapping everyone sitting at home on the couch. I blamed it all on the shoes, I was so disappointed and frustrated with myself. I had lost all hope for the day and was so down and hard on myself. How could this be, I've become such a good, faithful runner and now all of a sudden I'm stuck in a rut. How in the world was I suppose to run a half marathon in two months at this rate. I texted K and told her what was going on and how I was feeling. She reminded me that not every day is going to be a good day, that there's going to be tuff ones here and there and that's just life. Sometimes we fall and just need that little boost to get us back up. The weather was crappy, they were new shoes, the route was different, it was semi rainy / misty. I hadn't really eaten before I went, I wasn't totally awake. Not to make blame or find excuses but it had to be something right? My feet had never really hurt before when I had to break in new shoes or when I switched, so that's why I was so thrown off. Although I did go from wearing Minimalist shoes to Comfort supported shoes which was a big change and I'm sure that had something to do with it. 
I did it though, I didn't give up. I kept going with my head held as high as I could. :) We have plans to run tomorrow (Monday) after work and I plan on wearing my new running shoes with the right socks. I have to give them a chance, after all they were properly fitted for my feet. The good thing about the store were I got them from is still even after a week or so of trying them and I'm still not happy with them I can take them back and get fitted for a different pair. This is just a small road bump in my day, I refuse to let it get me down. Although the rest of the day did end up being a lazy one at home not doing much. Hey it was Sunday the hubs was at work, he had CQ and I had no plans. Do you blame me ?!!?!?!

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Janna Renee said...

I don't blame you one bit! You train hard and you deserve rest. Sorry you had a bad run, but those days happen!