Saturday, January 12, 2013

Much needed R&R

While the hubbs met up with a buddy of his to go shooting and to wash the truck I enjoyed the morning relaxing. For what ever reason he though it would be a great idea to drive through a large mud puddle on his way home from work one day last week. The proceeded to complain the rest of the week because the truck was so dirty and he needed to clean it. Hello love, you did that yourself. 
I decided it had been way WAY to long since I went and had a little pampering done for myself. I had every intention on going last Sunday because the hubbs was at work, sadly when I got there they were closed. I wasn't missing out this weekend, (I don't like going during the week.) it was just what I needed. It's so sad how busy life is that I forget how relaxing it is just to take a hour out of my day every now and then to do something for myself. I NEED to remember these things. Of course a little bit of sweet tea helps cure everything as well. 
Back home that afternoon that hubbs and I got ready for our dinner out. Plans with his whole work company that evening oh the joys of mandatory functions. The weather outside was AMMMAZZZING!!!! 80 degrees in early January, heck ya I'll take that. So I decided to through on a tank top and rock my boots. We did a little window shopping before heading to meet everyone for dinner. That's when the fun ended, well some of the people he works with are to bad but that's really stretching it. The food and service was beyond horrible, to the point were they pretty much didn't care because they knew they were getting their tip since it was such a large party. 
We made the most of the evening, and checked out early to headed home. Things like this can be so much more enjoyable if people actually put the effort in to actually making it worth wild. Vs. a last minute, "lets have a dinner this is the only place we can get into and I know its a Saturday night but you still have to come." I really am trying not to rush our time through my head that we have here at Ft. J 14 months and counting because let's face it in the end moving and starting all over again really dose SUCK but dear freaking-A this unit / company we are in is for the birds. 
 Tomorrow is a new day, the hubbs has off work and we are going to do a whole lot if nada. :) 


ROXY said...

Looking good girl! Our course the Tacoma had to be covered in dirt. Lol. I've got numerous pics of my truck covered in dirt. I love the Hawaii pride on the Starbucks cup. =)

Brittany said...

Love that lace top on you! And yes, you definitely should take the time to pamper yourself every once in a while (if not more!)...sweet tea does make everything better!

Janna Renee said...

I wish we had a count down of how long we will be here! We could be here for years more, so it't just a waiting game!

Colby said...

Love that tank combo!!!