Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's not how good you are, It's how badly you want it!

Lazy puppies while I got ready for work one day this week. I wish I could stay curled up in bed with them all day sometimes. Especially this past week seeing's as it was a ruff one. They always seem to brighten my day though, I guess it's because they are so gosh darn cute. No matter how much they annoy me sometimes.
I think we've started something here, Taco Tuesday anyone?!?! These fabulous creations were made in the crock pot while I was at work and boy did they taste wonderful. We added in some Chips & Salsa and a glass of Vino and called it a meal. It was simply prefect, just what I needed after a long hard day at work. 
The rest of the week was very uneventful, I was nursing a hurt leg and babysat a couple nights since the hubbs had to work late. Darn you CQ. Needless to say I didn't get any running in. It was for the best though I need to let me leg heel. I had a 10K race on Saturday (w/ Kelly) and wanted to be fully prepared for it. Even though for some reason I wasn't filling it. 
Thursday afternoon I picked up our race packets for Saturday and Friday afternoon I got everything ready for the next morning. I don't like being rushed the morning of, this way it makes things so much easier. 
It's all about the warm up and getting your blood flowing before a run. I can't wait for it warm up again so I can finally start wearing shorts and tanks again. Even though I loved sporting my NYC shirt. It was a nippy 39 degree's this morning. Yikes what the heck was I thinking. I still wasn't feeling this race but I put a smile on, did it and finished strong. I think it was a combination of not being able to train during the week, a ruff week at work, and my morning started off horrible before I even left my house. I signed up, I committed and I wasn't backing down.
We both had the same time in mind that we wanted to finish in. We stuck together through out the first half of the race. At the half way point we spilt up and K went ahead. I was in a funk and couldn't get my head in the game. I just wanted to get it done, so I pushed myself to keep going. I ended up finishing just after K about 9 minutes over my goal time. But that was 7 minutes faster than my first 10K (this was only my 2nd one). So as bummed and disappointed in myself as I was, I was still proud that I beat my last time. (Kelly say's I'm to hard on myself, I think I get it from my dad.)
Kelly crossed the finish line and turned back around to come meet up with me. I literally had tears in my eyes when I saw her and was trying with everything I had in me to hold it together. I remember seeing her coming up the hill to meet me, I knew the finish was right around the corner. I don't know why this race was so different for me, I think I just had so much on my mind from the past week that I couldn't get focused. Kelly said she knew it was either going to be a great run for me or a horrible one. It was definitely not one of my greater ones but it's done, I did it so that's all that matters. 
The picture below is us after we finished!!!
We stayed and watched the top runners receive their awards, munched on some bagels and grabbed a banana before heading back home. I love this girl and I'm so glad to have her in my life and as my running partner. Thanks for always pushing me Kelly!!!! 

It's not how good you are, It's how badly you want it!

You don't have to be fast. But you'd better be fearless.

Red Shoe 10K Run 01-26-13
Goal Time: 1hr
Finish Time: 1hr 9min


Jamie said...


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Love the idea of Taco Tuesday! And you have been doing awesome running this year, keep it up!

Brady and Jamie Sefcik said...

Congrats! Way to go girl :)

xoxo Jamie

Janna Renee said...

I cannot run in the cold! It kills my lungs. Good for you, though!

Brittany said...

I'm so proud of you for all your are seriously an inspiration! I can walk for miles but running, running takes pure willpower and dedication. Taco tuesday sounds fabulous!