Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Kicks - Experience

Yesterday was a first for me!
I don't do well with change and today that proved all to true, once again.
Yesterday Kelly & I went to Fleet Feet a local running store here in the South. It was my first time going and I have to tell you it was a great experience. From the moment we walked in the door till we were checking out and leaving. I got fitted for running shoes for the first time ever. After almost two years (it'll will be two year early March) of running and participating in countless races, this was my first time to be professionally fitted for a proper pair of running shoes. For the last year I've been running in Minimalist running shoes with no support what so ever. Although I haven't had any issues with them I knew it was time for a change. I have really bad ankles and I needed the extra support, even more so that I've started adding more and more miles on to my nightly runs. The whole process went very smoothly. I had never felt more comfortable in a shoes store then I did yesterday. The girl helping me started off by explaining the process of what they do and why and how it all works. From there she measured my feet both standing and sitting. Watched me walk around the store and run on a treadmill, gave me different socks to try on and even fully looked over my feet and explained what would be the proper shoe and why. From there I tried on about 4-5 different pairs of running shoes till we found the prefect one. The first pair I absolutely LOVED the coloring, they were hot pink, neon blue and black. They couldn't have said my name more clearly if I wanted them to. Sadly enough they weren't the proper shoe for my foot. But hey that's OK, that's what we came for right. I might have to put color and cuteness aside for a good pair of running kicks. "Might" is a strong word. Once she found what she believed to be the correct shoe for me, I ran a couple minutes on the treadmill again to make sure I was comfortable in them. I even put on one of my minimalist shoes on and one of my new one and ran on the treadmill to see how it was, I felt good in my new Asics. I also decided to go ahead and get a pair of Lock Laces and switch mine out. These aren't only great for quickly slipping on and off your shoes but it saves a lot on wear and tear of a shoe if you don't untie them when you take them off. I have always untied my shoes when I take them off because I have to retie them to put them on so I might as well untie them the first time right. With lock laces your still able to adjust the tightness of your laces and the best part is you never have to worry about the coming untied during your run.
Last Thursday when we went running I had to stop three times to tie my shoes. I seriously don't know what was going on because I normally never have issues with them. Now I really wont at all, so even better. My new asics are purple and gray, most definitely not a color I would have picked for myself (I asked if they had pink, but no such luck) but I have to say they are growing on me and I'm really liking them. I did get the Hot Pink Lock Laces to spice them up a bit and they look super cute. I might be a little biased though. I picked up a few more pairs of comfort fit running socks, I just love how soft and comfy they are. The experience as a whole was wonderful, the store even gives a 10% Military Discount....added bonus, yes in deed. And for whatever reason I'm not totally happy with my new kicks after trying them out on a few runs, I simply take them back and they will help fit me to a shoe of my liking and fitting till they find the right one that I'm comfortable running in. I will never go to a regular shoe store to get running shoes again. As long as we are in the South I will go to Fleet Feet to get fitted / purchase my running shoes and possibly other running accessories that I might need. You might pay a little extra but I'm willing to do so knowing I'm getting what is right for me, my body, the personal experience and the great customer service.

Have you ever been fit for proper pair of running shoes? What was your experience?

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