Friday, January 11, 2013

Just Keep Going.....Just Keep Going.....

Friday evening closed out my running for the week. I've pushed myself hard this week and I'm proud of it. Half / Marathon training plus trying out a new work out class, double duty. There's no way I'd be remotely ready come March if it wasn't for this girl!! She keeps me going and helps me push through when I want to quit. Some how she always seem's go give me a swift kick in the butt and all of a sudden I'm full force again. Crazy how a little trash talk will do that to ya!!

The hubbs has CQ and I'm babysitting one of my favorite kiddo's tonight, so I'll be kicking my feet up once she's asleep. I'm completely taking the weekend off to fully recover and get ready for a new week ahead of me. 
Before I go, I'll share with you a little bit of inspiration I've found. One of my cousins introduced me to this awesome website that has tons of motivational pictures and quotes. I try to remember them when I'm running and I feel like I'm going to die but I know I have to make it one more mile. 

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

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