Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Summer in January

It's a beautiful day to be outside enjoying the warm weather. To bad I wasn't off work, only on my lunch. Hey I'll take 70 degrees any day during the winter months though. Jealous much?!?! You shouldn't be. Lol, why, because I'll just enjoy it for you. Five day forecast shows the temps in the mid 70's for the remaining week leading into the weekend. I'm sure once we start to hit triple digits again I won't be loving the warmer weather so much. For now though I'll enjoy it.

Most days I go home on my lunch to let the pups out. Today was no different, only thing was they were going for a little ride. Poor pooches had a vet check up today. While we waited out turn to be called we hung out in the back of dads (the hubbs) truck. It was to nice to be stuck in side a waiting room with a bunch of other crazy four legged furry friends. They though they ruled the way then. I just love these two, to pieces!!!
Later that evening after work I took my first Strength class at a local gym here in the South. My running partner K teaches the class and asked me to come check it out. Of course I couldn't turn her down. Let me tell you I could barley move after it. 45 minutes of weights with squats, lunges, push up & sit ups and add in 10 minutes to Tabatas at the end. I'll be lucky if I can run tomorrow let alone walk. I felt so good about myself afterwards, trying something new and pushing through. I'm looking forward to taking it again and trying out some of the other classes they have to offer at Jamie Scott Fitness. 
You know just adding in some cross training with the running, got to build up my strength and tone my body. 


Jane said...

The pups are sooooo cute!

Janna Renee said...

It snowed today... thanks for rubbing it in. Haha

Colby said...

this weather is crazy!!! Is it always like this in January?! good job on your fitness!