Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mix of here & there

Over the last week or so I have been so busy with life & so much going on. I don't even know were to begin, so I'll just fill you in on a few of my favorite moments that I have had.

Who doesn't love a good movie, I know I sure do and over the last month I have managed to see THREE new ones. "Soul Surfer" opening night was simply breath taking, a real life story turned in to a movie and quite touching at that. "Fast Five" my all time favorite of the deployment, I am definitely a car girl and could quote every Fast & The Furious word for word. This one kept you sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time, jam packed full of action. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. "Something Borrowed" one of the most sweetest movies I have seen in awhile. As two college friends celebrate their graduation together, they have no idea that the other is in to them. Mean while a best friend comes in a swoops the guy away. In the end everything works out in its own way. I can't wait to read the book that follows the movie.

Birthday celebrations are the best, this past week we went out and celebrated one of our dearest friends birthday. With dinner and gifts at a new place (to us) called The Chart House down in Waikiki. It was good, a quiet place right on the water by the harbor. I have to say they had some delicious wine ummm that just made the night.

Last weekend I made my way down to BWW's in Waikiki for dinner & a much needed catch up date with Vic. & Tara. It was great getting out with the girls and just chatting away. We ordered a few different flavors of wings and like 4 sides and split it all. It was so good, I even had one of the best margaritas I've had in a long time. I can't wait to go back just to have that again.

I always like trying new restaurants so when a friend asked if I wanted to go to "Egg's & Things" in Waikiki for breakfast one morning I was in. Having never been there before but always passed by I was excited to check it out. I had heard great things about it, Boy were the reviews right, that place was phenomenal. So good, I had a Bacon, Potato Cheese Omelet that was simply delicious and Banana Pancakes umm umm good. I can't wait to go back when Gabe gets home, we love going to breakfast together and although this is a semi touristy place I think he will like it.

This past weekend outside of some minor shopping with my spouse I spent the rainy days inside. Working on getting the house clean and things taken care of here. Little by little my "To Do List" is getting short and short and then I add to it. Got to make sure everything is just perfect for my lovers return. :) "Not Much Longer Now" as he would say.
I have started working on my CDA and have just about completed my resource binder and I couldn't be happier the more I work on it the more excited I get. I gave myself a dead line to finish it by and have it turned in which is by June 12th and I think I might just be done and ready to turn it in by the end of the month. One more thing marked off my list. I can't wait to have this under my belt and done.

I've been pretty busy over the last few weeks, but not overly busy were I'm going crazy. I have managed to squeeze in a few beach days here and there before the 2 going on 3 week rain storm came in that we have been having. As much as the rain sucks sometimes its nice to have a change here and there. I love having all my windows open in the house and feeling the cold breeze blow through or falling asleep to the rain falling outside my window. Its simply peaceful and relaxing, I'll welcome the rain any time.

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