Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pineapple Run 10K

Yup that's right, I ran in my 2ND race this weekend and did freaking fabulous if you ask me and even better if you ask my husband. He was so stinkin proud of how well I did that he couldn't stop talking about it and asking me how it was.
Another early morning up at 5am dressed and ready to rumble our way through Wahiawa for the 36Th Annual Pineapple run. We made our way to the field with plenty of time to spare, no stressing about parking this time since we knew right were we where going. We met up with another friend prior to the race who just so happens to be in the army, (talk about a rock star). Her son goes to the CDC were I work & I just so happen to be his temporary legal guardian. (his parents are dual military)
The plan was for S & I to stay together the entire time we hadn't talk about me going ahead of her. I had no intentions to at all, this was something we were doing as a team but boy did she have different plans. Right before the race started she encouraged me to go ahead of her if I wanted to and we would meet each other at the finish line. I was super nervous about getting separated from each other, I mean what if something were to happen to either of us I had my phone but she didn't so how were we to find out. And besides that this was something we signed up to do as a team. I think I asked her a couple different times if she was really sure about it and she continued to say yes.

Right when the gun went off its started to rain on us, it wasn't to hard but enough to get us pretty wet. I have to say it was a nice cool run, the sun stayed away till right after it was over with. The rain passed on around mile marker one as I was off on my own going across the bridge leaving Wahiawa headed up the hill. This was only the 2ND time since I started running that I have done hills and boy was it killer, I managed and ran the whole way up but I would be lying if I said it was easy.

The down hill as you are coming back from North Shore was a breeze the view of the mountains & a rainbow made me smile pushing on as I could see the aid station in the distance. I kept telling myself that I can do this I do it every day just minus the hill, I just had to stay strong and not stop. Finally MILE MARKER FIVE "5" I passed it and had this in the bag I wasn't slowing down I stepped up my pace finishing strong. "Almost there Almost there, you got this" is what I kept telling myself.

Crossing over the finish line at 1 hour & 15 minutes I was very impressed with my time for it being only my 2ND race & my FIRST 10K.

The finishing Trophy was a PINEAPPLE hints the name of the race of course. "ONLY IN HAWAII" I went and picked up my lovely pineapple & looped back around to go meet up with Sarah who was coming in the last stretch of the race. Our friend Kristi came back to check on the two of us after she finished and when she saw I was doing good & about to finish she continued on to meet Sarah. Be time I got to them they had just passed mile marker 6 and she had .2 miles to go to the finish line. We ran with her shouting, encouraging her to go and finish strong and boy did she do it. Finishing well under her goal time she had set for herself, I was SOOO proud of the both of us.

We had a great time together and it was such a fabulous feeling of relief and accomplishment once we finished.

We don't have anything set for the month of June yet but that could change. July & August for sure though there are already two races that we are going to be participating in. I have found yet another passion & accomplishment through this deployment.
I'm so proud of were I have come from since Gabe has left, I look forward to him coming home and see all the changes I have made in my life. And most of all standing at the finishing line watching me go across!!!!!!!!!


FP said...

Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
Best wishes

Brenna said...

So awesome! Good job on the run and I am sure the scenary makes it a little bit easier:)

Anonymous said...

I'm doing this one, next weekend