Saturday, September 15, 2012

Combatives BCT Style

This afternoon I went out and took some pictures of the SIT in our Company. Today they were going through combatives training. It was pretty funny watching them all try and figure it out. When I got there they were all in a circle watching the hubbs demonstrate how each move was done and how to recover from each move. The poor private he was using as his test dummy, that kid's gonna be sore tomorrow for sure. They all had a few good laughs though, the hubbs said its one of the days that they really look forward to because they can kinda let loose and have fun with it. 
At one point after they had been practicing for a while he called them all to come back in for another briefing. They all kinda of circled around and posed for a picture, it was like they knew what to do when they saw me standing there with my camera. It was pretty funny, they had good time with it. I told one of the DS there to tell them to do something crazy and that they did. This was the result below.
Here's a few pictures I put together of them practicing combatives. I had to be careful were I walked because if I wasn't paying attention I would possibly get kicked or even rolled over on from someone around me. The families are always wondering and asking why they have such serious faces and not many smiles when we post pictures on the page. (well hello people its basic training not summer camp) This was a great way to show them that they really do have fun. There were lots of laughs and smiles to go around for everyone today.

We asked our families if they would ever be willing to try combatives or even go through BCT. Many of them said maybe a few years ago (when they were younger) but not now. How about you?? Do you think you could go through Basic Training??? I'm sure I could but would I want to, that I don't know.
~DAY 337~

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