Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Funday

We had a much needed us day. No work or Army to interfere, just the hubbs and I. 
We got up and got to work around the house because we had plans to attend the Greek Festival downtown at noon. But there were a few things we wanted to get done first this way when we came home we could veg. out and do a whole lot of nothing if we wanted to. 
Sadly but not so sad the Greek Festival ended up being a total bust. It wasn't what either of us expected at all. It took us longer to walk from our car to were it was being held then the amount of time we spent there. I was glad it wasn't one of those things I had to twist his arm to go to. We try to get out and enjoy things like this around the area when we can. You would think we would have figured out by now that well, the South just doesn't do things big like we are use to. 
We didn't let it ruin our day though. We decided to head over to Sandhills, its similar to a out door shopping mall. (thats the best way to describe it) We didn't need anything and frankly I'm not one to do a lot of window shopping. It just seems to be a waste of time, when I could be getting things done at home or relaxing. I really have to be in the mood to do some good window shopping.  Any how we strolled through a few stores I picked up my frame to put our wedding generation pictures in. 
(you can read about it HERE
We went to Old Navy, I picked up a few items for my up coming trip and then we checked out the new Home Goods store that just opened up. The only thing we got there were a pack of doggie poop bags. See I told you we were big spenders lol. A stop at Sonic or as the hubbs calls it SonicS for a drink to enjoy on the ride home and we called it a day. This was only my 3rd time at Sonic since moving to the South and I have to say still no soda for this girl, come January 2013 I'll have gone 2 years with out soda. When I lived in Texas I was at Sonic just about every day, it was just so quick and easy to stop by and get a drink on my way to were ever I was going. Large Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper easy ice was my go to drink. 
I enjoy random days like today so much. Were we have no plans to be any were by a certain time, nothing going on, no one to intrude on our day. Were we just go with the flow and do what comes to mind when we think about it. 
The weather was absolutely beautiful out today, not to hot at all. I'm wish it could stay like this forever!
We may or may not have joined the Taco family!!!!!  
Late night cuddles are the best when its with the one you love. And I don't mean the pups. lol

~DAY 338~


Brittany said...

Y'all are SO cute! I can't believe you've gone so long without have some will power girl. I couldn't do it! Sonic is the their sweet tea!

ROXY said...

Tacoma? I love how you guys test drive cars so frequently. I hate going to dealerships and the workers hound you while your there. I'll be looking for a new car in the next few years but I definitely love my Tacoma! I've had my Tacoma for 7 years now and it's still running wonderfully.

Melanie said...

Found your blog from a comment you wrote on Jamie's post. Love's so cute!

Jamie said...

Cute pictures!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Looks like a great time!

Janna Renee said...

I simply can't wait until I get one of these!! At least I get to live vicariously through y'all!!