Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Updated!!!

Finally after a long day up at the company watching the PVTs go through Pugil training the hubbs was home. We were hoping his work day would be finished around 3pm or so and then we could go out and enjoy some time together. That didn't happen though it was closed to 4:45 almost 5:00pm. He had to work on Sunday as well so I was pretty bummed that he didn't get out of there earlier. I mean hello we are in blue phase and its the weekend. There is no need for all the DS to be there this late. 
Any how we showered, cleaned up and headed out. I was on the hunt for a fabulous "little black dress"  and the hubbs was so kind enough to go along for a little shopping excursion.  
 Sadly enough I didn't end up finding a dress but we didn't leave empty handed either. I have managed to build quite the Fiestaware collection of dishware and when I saw they came out with a pink place setting I was sold. I was hesitant on getting it because I have 10 place settings already. It didn't take much convincing though after the hubbs reminded me of how much I like pink. He's such a sport when it comes to my pink fetish and the addiction I have with fiestaware. 
What's your thoughts, are you on the fiestaware band wagon?? 
If you have fiestaware do you have multiple colors or just one??
We ened the evening with dinner and then back home for a lazy night on the couch with the pups. Just perfect for the two of us. 
~DAY 351~
Because my plans got completely pushed aside on Saturday to get my last minute shopping & packing done for my trip, that mint that Sunday was crunch time. I had so much to do in such a short amount of time. The hubbs was suppose to be off around 4pm and I wanted to be home when he got off. This was we could spend the evening together. With me leaving for a couple weeks, I wanted to soak up every minute I could with him. 
The only way I was going to get it all done and taken care of was with a little be of help from Starbucks, Sweet Tea to the rescue. 
What's your go to quick fix drink??? 
Sweet Tea always seems to turn any day around, ok not really but it does help a lot. 
~DAY 352~

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Brittany said...

Pink fiesta?!?! I didn't even know they made it!! And now I NEED some. We have twelve place settings...4 blue, 4 red, and 4 yellow. I love it! Suh quality dishes and they're fun to mix and match. I'm also a huge sweet tea fan....the more sugar the better!