Sunday, September 16, 2012

~Met Me At The Alter~

I love the different generation pictures that we have with the hubbs, his dad, and grandpa. They always make for great stories and wonderful memories. Following that idea I decided to put one together using wedding pictures. I couldn't think of a better way to display these photos either. Isn't it just crazy how much things change with time. 
Going from 1959 all the way to 2007 there's a world of a difference.

The first picture is my Nene & Papa (my dads parents) married in 1959. They would still be married today if my Papa was still alive. However we lost a great man to a horrible battle with cancer back in 2002. He was the first person I lost that was immediate family. My Papa was the one who always pulled our family together. He was a great GREAT man and I miss him dearly, I know everyone does. I always think "I wish I had one more day with him" or "I wish he was here to see this, I wish he could have see us get married, meet the hubbs, see us grow up, see us change". I know he is looking down on us watching from above but its just not the same. Some times I wonder if he was still here maybe JT wouldn't be in the situation he is in. He left behind a beautiful wife, mom, grandma & friend. Nene is one of the absolute strongest person I know. She has been through so much in her life and still manages to put a smile on her face and keep going. 

The second picture is the hubbs Parents aka my In-Loves married in 1980. They are still married today and in love more than ever. They have been through a lot being in the Army (FIL-was) although he was never deployed he spent time in Korea, on the trail, they were stationed in Germany when the hubbs was born and much more. They have stuck together through it all and because of them I know anything is possible. I truly look up them and can only hope we have a marriage / life that's half as beautiful as theirs. 

The third picture is US married in 2007. The absolute best day of our life and one I will remember forever. I have never been more certain of a decision in my life then I was when I decided to marry my best friend. It's almost been 5 years and we are more in love today then we were then. We've been through more in the past 5 years, then many couple go through in a life Time. And you know what I wouldn't change a single day / moment of it because its only made us stronger and who we are today. I can't wait to see what is in store for us over the next 5 years and many more after that!!!!! 

I though I'd share a few more pictures from each of the weddings. It was fun looking back comparing our wedding day to my Nene & Papa's and the hubbs Parents wedding. By how time changes but the love is still stronger than ever!!!!

At the alter - first kiss as husband and wife!!

Walking down the aisle together as Mr. & Mrs. G

Cake anyone??? 
Of course a wedding recap wouldn't be the same with out some sweet treats added in the mix.

I've been blessed with amazing in-loves, I really lucked out in that department!!! My grandparents are beyond wonderful on both sides of my family. I hope we are doing them proud by not only carrying on the family name but representing both sides of our families as they would. 
The In-Loves
My Nene & Papa 


Brittany said...

This is SO neat! What an amazing tribute to past generations...and absolutely beautiful pictures, every last one. So special!

Colby said...

I love this idea!! Once we have our actualy wedding I want to create one like this with both our parents! So special!

Kirstie and Michael said...

New follower! Love your blog and love this idea!!

Janna Renee said...

This is PRESH! It is so great to have this to look back on!