Saturday, September 1, 2012

range day

Earlier this morning the company was out at the range, trying their hand out with their weapons. They were doing a practice qualify test shot. I had the chance to go out and take pictures for our families. It's crazy being out there around the PVT's, they are all so young and look like little kids fresh out of high school. (ok well a lot of them are) Still its crazy to think that almost 7 years ago that was my husband, he was the one sitting through the trainings, getting yelled at and smoked. Now the tables are turned and he's the one doing the yelling, training and well since they can't really smoke them any more, we'll leave that one out. lol Although he wasn't out there today (he was on CQ recovery) I took the DS's some snacks and Gatorade's to help cool them down. It was so stinkin hot out there I though I was going to pass out, I can't imagine all of them in full uniform. 
Here are a few of my favorite shots from the morning I though I would share. I wish we could give everyone a perfect photo of their SIT but that's just simply impossible. The families are so grateful and appreciative of the photos we do share with them though. I feel so honored to be apart of this journey with them as they make the transition from civilian life to army life. 

After hanging out at the range for a bit, I made my way up to the Battalion area were our BC and SGT Major hold their monthly ceremony. Half of the company was at the range and the other half were at the ceremony. I was able to get a few pictures here as well to share with our families. This was my first new-comers ceremony to attend, lets just say I'm not sure what all the hype is about because it took them longer to file out in formation and stand at attention correctly then it did for the entire ceremony to take place. None the less I chatted with the BC, met the new SGT Major and worked on my tan. 
Delta Company standing tall and proud!!!! 

Do you help out with your spouses unit or company in any way?? If so doing what, what are you thoughts on it??
 Here at this duty station is the first time I've every really really gotten involved. I enjoy it for the most part some days its kinda crazy but it allows me to spend a little extra time with my love and see him in his environment at work, which is always kinda fun. 

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