Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pre~Vacay insta~pics.

I love little packages :), they make for great gifts. 
Seriously love what's inside. 
(once its gifted, I'll post more about it, but until them I'll leave you wondering :)~)
 Getting in my evening run, why not add a couple extra miles on. The hubbs has CQ so might as well. 
All while sportin my new minnie tank. I love love it!!!! 
~DAY 353~
 Feeling guilty for leaving the hubbs for so long I baked him some yummy M&M cookies to enjoy while I'm away. Plus a 2nd batch for our wonderful friend S who is going to be helping us out with the pups. 
 Sometimes we all need a friendly reminder here and there. The hubbs got a good laugh out of this taped to the kitchen counter. But really I have to or the pups would starve he is awful about checking their food bowl. Even though he passes by it daily for some reason it doesn't click lol. He says its because he knows I always take care of it, which is true and makes sense. However still its not that hard to look over and see the two shiny bowls empty. 
Bailey is seriously the laziest dog ever sometimes. We have to make her get up out of bed in the mornings to go out side to go potty. So when the hubbs gets up at 3am she doesn't even budge. Dingo on the other hand will beat you down the stairs and wait for you at the door. Hints the reason for the reminder to make her go out side before he goes to work. 
~DAY 354~
Do you leave reminders for your spouse when you go out of town?? 
I also pre-made a few meals to have on hand ready for him to pop in the microwave or oven. This just makes things easier for him with the long hours he works and lets face it, its hard enough to cook for one person. Plus who wants to come home at 7-8pm at night and cook dinner. Not him or me lol. I do feel a bit guilty leaving him for so long, so its the least I can do. I truly enjoy doing it, anything I can do to make things easy and simple for him. 


Colby said...

You are such a great wife!! I do leave reminders, and I also try and plan out his meals! Its an easy way to show you care. Have an amazing trip to Texas!!

Janna Renee said...

Definitely a good idea to leave reminders for the hubs! Will is really good about the dog (better than I, actually), but I try not to go anywhere when he's home anyways!