Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dirty Girl Mud Run

When I was in Texas I ran in my first Mud Race, it was called the Dirty Girl Mud Run. It was to help support breast cancer. I did it with my sweet friend Vic. that I know from Hawaii and her friend S from Ft. Hood. It was a first for all 3 of us, running the mud run. It just so happened to be the first cold day Texas had, had. It was quite chilly out, which wasn't very fun when your going through wet muddy obstacle courses. Our Team name was HH6 and we busted out the ACU's to wear. I don't know how Soldiers run in those things plus everything else. I tell you once they got wet, and weighted down with mud that was enough for me. We ran the whole race straight through, it was a 5k so nothing to terribly long. I had so much fun and can't wait to do it again. There was a Color Me Rad Run in Columbia when I was away so I didn't get to do that one. I'm hoping that I'll have a chance to do one early next year, when they start up again. 

Vic & I after we finished strong, we didn't do it for time so much but simply to finish. We sang cadence as we ran passed people and straight through the finish line. It was def. quite cold out, thankfully with it just being the first day it was cold the lake was still warm. After seeing the shower line forever long we decided to go take a dip in the lake. I had mud every were, it was such a mess but so much fun. 

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E said...

So much fun!! I want to do one of these. I like an excuse to get dirty ;-) looks like fun!