Sunday, October 7, 2012

Road Trip Adventures

Last night (Saturday) my momma and I took a road trip to H-town as my brother called it to visit him. We had a great visit (Sunday) , and I really enjoyed catching up and hearing what he had to say. He was quite surprised to see us there. Even more so me, he knew I was in town but I guess he didn't think we would be coming down. I'm so glad we did because it was the best part of my time home by far and I still have a whole week ahead of me. I know nothing though can or will top that moment seeing him for the first time in a year. It was awesome!!!! The time we had with him just wasn't long enough, I wanted to stay longer and chat. Better yet I just wanted him to come home with us, then it would have been completely perfect. But I know in due time he will be!!! 

On our way home we were headed back through H-town and I decided we needed something sweet and what better than a cupcake. I quickly googled cupcake bakeries in the area and had mom looking on her phone as well. We found a Sprinkles Cupcakes only about 13 miles from were we where. So of course a detour was made. It ended up being in a very upiding part of downtown H-town. We checking out a few shops before getting our sweet fix. It was moms first time to Sprinkles and my second. We ordered Carrot Cake and Milk Chocolate but mom said we had to have lunch first lol. Which soon turned into a very VERY late lunch, so we called it dinner. 

When talking about what we wanted for lunch (at this time it was still lunch) I suggested Chicken Express because we don't have one in the South and I hadn't had it since getting back to the Lone Star State. We google searched the area but came up empty handed, there was one a few miles ahead (like 30-40 minutes) so we decided to hold out and see if we could find it. In the mean time as we are driving back to Arlington down HWY 45, there is a crazy drive in a jeep a few cars ahead of us. We kind of kept our eye on the driver as we noticed him weaving in and out of traffic, bumping into the cement side walls and cutting back across traffic. He was going at a speed of around 80-85mph because I was having a hard time keeping up with him. I tried not to stay to close because if he caused a accident I didn't want to be involved. It got really serious and scary, many times we though he was going to crash or take out a car near him. Finally I suggested to my mom that she call the highway patrol. We stayed up with him in a eye shot and finally he exited off the highway. There was one car in between us and him at a red light, they noticed me creeping up close to get the plate numbers on the jeep. And asked if we were calling the police and I replied with a thumbs up. Great side mirror talk lol. The driver stayed straight on the service road then quickly turning in to a empty parking lot. We think he was trying to get away because he saw us and the other car following him. Thankfully the police came from the other direction causing him to have to stop. Highway patrol arrived shortly after, the guy (who looked to be in his maybe mid 20's) was taken out of the car. That's when we noticed he had a dog in the back seat of his jeep. The highway patrol came over asking us what we saw (and the other family, in the other car) he had us write up a report and said the guy was refusing to work with them. He was cussing at them, wouldn't take the sobriety test and had several open & empty containers of beer and hard liquor in the car with him (patron, jim bean). We sat and watched them pull out beer cars from the jeep, they pulled about 10-12 from what we saw on top of the other stuff. It was crazy, when the guy got out of his car, he could barley stand up, it took him a good minute or two to even get out. Our main concern as well as the other witness was that he simply be taken off the streets till he sobered up. He may not be a bad kid / guy at all but in no way should he have been on the streets / highway driving.
Highway patrol said the human society would come and get the dog, he assured us he would be able to get it back. He just wouldn't give the officers a name of someone to call to come get him. (probably because he was to freaking wasted, he didn't care at the time) I will never forget watching him drive the way he did along the highway. It was so scary, I know the only reason he didn't cause a accident it because the people around him were being very alert and he had someone from above looking down on him. We'll never know the out come of what happen, but I can't help but wonder you know. 
we did our good deed for the day.
On our way home we passed these two guys Same Houston & Stephen F. Austin. Driving to Houston all the time with the family as a kid to visit my papa J. we would pass Sam H. But never stopped so I took full advantage of stopping today. 

We did finally end up finding a Chicken Express as well, and it was so yummy. I love their chicken and fried okra, its to die for!!! We finally made it home, a bit later than we were thinking but hey its never a dull moment when your with my momma!!!!! We had a great road trip and I can't wait for another one with her. 

~DAY 359~


Brittany said...

I bet you drove right by our neighborhood!! We live off 45 and drive by the Sam Houston statue every time we go home. It's huuuuge! I love Chicken Express too...their tenders are so good and they have the BEST sweet tea!

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Sounds like the day turned into quite the adventure! Glad everyone was safe in the end and you had a few yummy treats by day's end.