Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just Another Typical Texas Day

I spent last night with the W girls again (some of our Hawaii Ohana). I’ve really enjoyed getting to hang out with them over the last week and meet lil baby A. She’s such a doll and so sweet!! We spent the evening making cake pops and apple pie in a jar. The pie turned out fabulous, I’m definitely going to try recreating them here soon. Our cake pops turned out cute as well. Over the moon time consuming and tedious but it was fun. I’ve said it once before when the Spouse & I made cake pops last year, but I really don’t think I’ll do it again. Its just so much work and frankly I don’t have the patience for it.  

We had big plans for today, the Texas State Fair. Its like a tradition if your in Texas when its going on. It’s almost a sin if you don’t go. Ok well its not, but still its a must. From all the yummy fried, totally unhealthy foods. To the sweet treats and giant turkey legs there’s something there to please everyones taste buds. I go for the food and to have a good time. I’m not really into riding the rides. Well minus the Texas Star Ferris wheel, that’s a must. It was Vic & Gigi’s first time to the fair, I was glad to show them around. We checked out a few rides, ate some yummy food and did a little window shopping before calling it a day. 
Walking Taco- taco fixing's, ground beef in a doritos chip bag 
Mexican Fire Cracker - deep fried tamale 

18-wheeler grill- cook's turkey legs, hot dogs, sasauge links and much more. 
Picnic on a Stick - Spicy chicken, tater tots and pickle slices, battered and rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried.
Life size Cotton Candy for the kiddo.

Gigi was most excited to meet “Big Tex”, he celebrated his 60th birthday this year. He’s always been the talk of the town and everyone knows who he is. Your not a true Texan if you don’t know who “Big Tex” is. He Stands tall 52 feet tall wearing size 70 boots, a 75-gallon hat, and a 50 pound belt buckle.


The Texas Star

It was a sad day at the fair shortly after we visited. There was a electrical short some were in the base of the structure, (he talks) and is now having to be rebuilt. Hopefully they will have him repaired by this time next year for opening day of them fair. He hasn’t missed a fair in 60 years. Although they say its going take up to a year to fully repair him. Fingers crossed!!!

Big Tex, going up in smoke. A sad day for Texas natives. 
That evening I had dinner with my Mom and Mamaw. Its always nice getting to spend time with them. I miss out on so much since I live so far away. Later that evening I took my first belly dancing class with my Aunt Holly & Cousin Shae, it was a experience all in its self. The excitement didn’t end there either, I shortly realized after getting back to my mamaws house that I locked my keys in the trunk of my rental car. Cue in melt down moment about to start. Thankfully my mom knew someone in the area that was able to come over and unlock the door. Surprisingly it was super simple, although you need a few special tools, I now know how to break in to a car. lol Not that I would, I mean unless I lock my keys in my car. Thankfully though my car will not lock with the keys inside, thanks to technology. After that crisis was diverted, I headed back to Ang’s were I was staying and called it a night. It was a busy long day and I had another one ahead of me. 


*Katie* said...

All the food looks so good!!!! AHHH I'm so hungry!

Brittany said...

So much yummy food! Apple pie in a jar sounds delicious!

E said...

Picnic on a stick?? That sounds crazy!
I miss the fair so much! I'm glad you got to go and enjoy yourself there!
And imagine my shock when I woke up to the news about Big Tex! Crazy!!

Colby said...

That picnic on a stick sounds right up my alley! YUM!!!